The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一丈紅 Girl in Red
一劍香 The Masquerade Murderer
七彩封神榜 The Legend of Gods and Goddesses
三傻尋女 Three Fools Searching for Their Daughter
三招了 Within Three Strikes
五諫刁妻 Five Remonstrations with Two Unreasonable Wives
伏魔乾坤劍 The Devilish Swords
俠聖 The Chivalrous Saint
兩仔爺 Daddy and Sonny
兩湖十八鏢 (上集) The Seven Little Tigers, Part One
兩湖十八鏢 (下集) The Seven Little Tigers, Concluding Episode
公寓謀殺案 Apartment Murder
君子劍 The Gentleman Sword
呆佬遇鬼 The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost
大家歡樂在今宵 Let's be Happy and Gay Tonight
大破誅仙陣 Shattering the Immortals' Array
失魂魚 The Scatterbrain
女俠脫脫兒 (下集) Tur Tur's Adventure, Part Two
女金剛 The Female King Kong
好女十八嫁 Eighteen Marriages of A Smart Girl
如花美眷 Beautiful Matching
孤鳳啼痕 Sad Song of an Orphan Girl
孫悟空鬧龍宮 The Monkey King Stormed the Sea Palace
小五義大破銅網陣 The Magnificent Five
小武士 The Young Guard
怪劍 Witch Sword
恩重情深 Debt of Love
慾海遺恨 The Price of Lust
擺錯迷魂陣 The Misarranged Love Trap
新夜吊白芙蓉 New Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus
新梁山伯祝英台 New Love Story of Leung Shan-pak and Chuk Ying-toi
春花日日紅 The Merry Month of May
暴雨梨花 Pear Flower in the Storm
月宮寶燈 The Precious Lamp in the Moon Palace
李元霸 Lee Yuen-ba
歌唱十二釵 The Twelve Singing Beauties
歌聲淚影 (上集) A Melancholy Melody, Part One
歌聲淚影 (下集) A Melancholy Melody, Part Two
歡樂歌聲處處聞 Song of Merry Music
殺手劍 The Killer's Sword
水觀音三戲白金龍 How Shui Guanyin Thrice Tricked Bai Jinlong
沙三少與銀姐 Third-Master Sha and the Lady Yin
海底骷髏塔 (下集) The Skeleton Pagoda, Part Two
滿園春色 Merry Angel
火燒九龍城 Kowloon City Fire
無情大海有情天 The Woman in Between
猿女復仇記 The Revenge of a Gorilla Girl
玉女劍 The Virgin Sword
玉女英魂 (下集) A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Concluding Episode
生死同心 Let's Live Together