The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一家親 All in a Family
一年一度燕歸來 The Swallows' Return
一見鍾情 Love at First Sight
三十六點鎖喉槍 The Killing Spear
三喜臨門 Three Blessings
五諫刁妻 Five Remonstrations with Two Unreasonable Wives
五鼠大鬧百花樓 Adventure of the Five Rats at the Hundred-Flower Tower
人間富貴花 Flowers of Wealth
代代平安 Peace to All Generations
伶王艷史 Love Affairs of the Opera Master
佛前燈照狀元紅 A Scholar in a Buddhist House
作威作福 The Oppressors
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
俠士名花 The Swordsman and the Beauty
假正經 The Prude
做慣乞兒懶做官 A Beggar's Life for Me
偷雞奉母 Stealing Chickens to Offer Mother
光棍姻緣 A Bachelor's Love Affair
再戀負心人 Another Chance for Love
再生花 A Flower Reborn
出籠鳥 A Free Bird
初入情場 A Cadet in Love's Battle
千萬人家 A Home of a Million Gold
危樓春曉 In the Face of Demolition
司馬琴挑寡婦心 How Sima's Qin Won the Widow's Heart
同人唔同命 Not All People Have the Same Fate
同遮唔同柄 Not All Umbrellas Have the Same Handle
呆佬嫁女 The Marriage of the Fool's Daughter
唐伯虎與秋香 Tong Pak-fu and Chau-heung (Remake)
夜渡鴛鴦江 Crossing Yuanyang River by Night
太太有喜 An Expectant Mother
夫婦之間 Wife and Husband
女白金龍 Female Pak Kam-lung
孝子扮新娘 A Son in Bride's Clothing
客串夫人 The Temporary Wife
家 Family
富貴花開並蒂蓮 Rich and Happy
弄假成真 When Pretence Becomes Reality
張天師遇鬼迷 How the Ghosts Trapped Master Cheung the Exorcist
往事知多少 The Lady in Black
得運一條龍 Luck's on My Side
徭山奪艷記 The Beautiful Girl of Yao Mountain
恨海芳魂 Woman in Grief
恨海香魂 Woman in Grief
情劫姊妹花 The Sisters' Tragic Love
意中人 Darling
慈母淚 A Mother Remembers
慾海遺珠 Pearl of Desire
我為情 Sworn to Love
拉車被辱 The Humiliated Rickshaw-Puller