The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
701烏龍女偵探 701, the Blundering Woman Detective
一劍情 Romance of the Sword
一水隔天涯 Beyond the Horizon
七彩胡不歸 Eternal Love
中原奇俠 The Purple Lightning Sword
傻大姐捉賊 Crazy Girl Catches A Thief
兩個冤家表錯情 Getting the Wrong Message
兩湖十八鏢 (上集) The Seven Little Tigers, Part One
兩湖十八鏢 (下集) The Seven Little Tigers, Concluding Episode
冤魂鏡 Mirror of Revenge
冷月離魂 Bitter Fear
劫火紅蓮 (上集) Aftermath of a Fire, Part One
劫火紅蓮 (下集) Aftermath of a Fire, Concluding Episode
勇特務智破女間諜 Spy Vs. Spy
勇特務犬戰神秘黨 The Secret Agent and the Mysterious Gang
千手奇女子 Double Exposure
含笑火 Twin Sisters
哪咤收七妖 Nyasa Lad Against Seven Devils
問君能有幾多愁 How Much Worry You Can Have
喜結良緣 The Topsy-turvy Marriage
四姊妹 Four Sisters
夜半的鬼影 Ghost Chasers
天涯芳草 The Forbidden Love
太平山八仙奇遇 Eight Fairies in Hong Kong
女殺手 Lady Bond
女殺手虎穴救孤兒 Return of Lady Bond
女毒手 The Treacherous Lady Killer
女賊黑野貓 Lady Black Cat
女金剛 The Female King Kong
女飛俠 The Female Chivalry
女黑俠木蘭花 The Black Musketeer 'F'
女黑俠花木蘭 The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua
女黑俠血戰黑龍黨 The Woman in Black and the Black Dragon
姑娘十八一朵花 Girls are Flowers
婚姻大事 Troubles In Marriage
孝女珠珠 Chu Chu
孫悟空大戰群妖 Fairies and a Monkey
小康之家 Happy Family
少女心 Young Lady's Heart
巴士奇遇結良緣 For Sentimental Reasons
巴士銀妙計除三害 The Witty Bus Girl
彈劍江湖 (上集) One Duel Too Many, Part One
彈劍江湖 (下集) One Duel Too Many, Part Two
彩色青春 Colourful Youth
彩鳳榮華雙拜相 A Lady Prime Minister Of Two Countries
影迷公主 Movie Fans
後備新娘 A Reserve Bride
情人的眼淚 Tears of Lovers
情賊黑牡丹 Black Peony
我愛紫羅蘭 The Violet Girl