The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一家八口一張床 A Family of Eight in One Bed
一樓風雪夜歸人 Return on a Snowy Night
三入閻王殿 She Goes to Hell Thrice
三姑嫂 (上集) The Three Sisters, Part One
不是冤家不聚頭 Strange Bedfellows
世家子弟 Son of a Noble Family
九九九毒天鵝 999 Poisonous Swan
五福臨門 Five Blessings in a Row
人海奇花 The Strange Girl
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
人隔萬重山 The Unfinished Love
兒孫福 Everyone Loves Grandpa
再戀負心人 Another Chance for Love
冤魂鏡 Mirror of Revenge
冬戀 Winter Love
出嫁從夫 Follow the Husband
刁蠻郡主戲玉郎 The Unruly Princess and Her Lover
化身情人 Love in Disguise
千手神拳 (上集) The Powerful Fist of a Thousand Hands, Part One
南洋亞伯 The Old Man from Southeast Asia
夢裡西施 Sai See in the Dream
大觀園 Grand View Garden
天倫情淚 Parents' Love Tears
奪魄幽靈 The Ghost that Haunts
女人世界 Women's World
女俠黃鶯夜破三屍案 How Wong Ang the Heroine Solved the Case of the Three Dead Bodies
女俠黃鶯擒兇記 How Wong Ang the Heroine Caught the Murderer
妻嬌郎更嬌 The Naughty Couple
嬌嬌女 Precious Daughter
孝子扮新娘 A Son in Bride's Clothing
孤鳳雙雛 Somebody's Orphan
宮主刁蠻駙馬驕 Naughty Princess, Proud Husband
小偷捉賊記 To Catch a Thief
平步青雲 (下集) On the Road to Success, the Concluding Episode
情與愛 Love and Affection
慈母千秋 Tears of Mother
慈母心 Motherhood
慈母頌 Mother Was Grand
攝青鬼 A Ghostly Tale
新馬仔拍拖被辱 Adventures of Sun Ma Chai
明月冰心 Her Pure Heart
本地狀元 Local Scandal
朱買臣衣錦榮歸 Chu Mai-sen's Grand Homecoming
朱賣臣分妻 The Divorce of Chu Mai-Sen
李仙 The Legend of Li Xian
林黛玉魂歸離恨天 The Tragic Death of Lam Doi-yuk
桃紅柳綠燕嬉春 Swallows in Spring
桃花依舊笑春風 Love and Be Loved
歌唱泣荊花 Musical Story of the Wronged Wife
歌院香魂 The Singing Girl's Spirit