The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
701烏龍女偵探 701, the Blundering Woman Detective
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
一劍香 The Masquerade Murderer
一帆風順 Sail on to Success
一彎眉月伴寒衾 Lonely Moon on a Lonely Bed
七個胭脂虎 Seven Ferocious Women
三姑嫂 (下集) The Three Sisters, Part Two
三娘汲水 Third Madame's Story
不如歸 You Better Return
世家子弟 Son of a Noble Family
五月的紅唇 Red Lips in May
井底冤魂 The Misguided Spirit in the Well
人之初 Infancy
人倫 A Sketch of Humanity
人咬狗 Man Bites Dog
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
人鬼恩仇 An Affair between a Man and a Ghost
仙童玉女 The Ideal Marriage
似水流年 Time Flows Like a Stream
何處是儂家 Where is the Lady's Home ?
作威作福 The Oppressors
俠盜情花 The Girl and the Chivalrous Bandit
傻人捉賊 The Simpleton and the Thief
傻大姐捉賊 Crazy Girl Catches A Thief
儂本多情 My Love for You is True
入鄉隨俗 Follow the Custom
八荒英雄傳 (上集) The Legend of Eight Heroes, Part One
八荒英雄傳 (下集) The Legend of Eight Heroes, Part Two
六渡何仙姑 Six Attempts to Immortalise the Goddess of Lotus
刁蠻女戲夫 The Naughty Girl Teases Her Husband
刮龍世界 Take What You Can
劍姑七友奇遇記 Strange Happening to Swordswoman and Her Seven Friends
千萬人家 A Home of a Million Gold
受薪姑爺 Hire a Husband
古屋行屍 The Wandering Dead
古廟幽魂 A Ghost in the Temple
名劍天驕 Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu
啞老婆 The Dumb Wife
喬太守亂點鴛鴦譜 Magistrate Kiu's Careless Matching
四大天王 The Four Kings of Heaven
四色復仇劍 The Avenging Sword
四鳳齊飛 Four Phoenixes Take Flight
夜弔秋喜 Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Chau-hei
夜渡鴛鴦江 Crossing Yuanyang River by Night
夢裡西施 Sai See in the Dream
大刀王五浴血殲仇記 Big Blade Wong Fifth's Revenge
大刀王五血戰小霸王 The Bloody Fight between Big Blade Wong Fifth and the Invincible Kid
大破誅仙陣 Shattering the Immortals' Array
大良阿斗官 Master Ah Dau, a Native of Tai Leung