The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍九連環 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part One
一夜九更天 The Long Night
七彩姑娘十八一朵花 Girls Are Flowers
世家子弟 Son of a Noble Family
乾隆皇大鬧杏花樓 The Adventures of Emperor Qianlong
五月的紅唇 Red Lips in May
仗義還妻 (下集) A False Marriage, Concluding Episode
任劍輝舞台奮鬥史 An Actress's Struggle
住家男人 Family Man
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
傻大姐 Funny Girl
元配夫人 The Proper Wife
兒女作冰人 Little Matchmakers
冬戀 Winter Love
冷暖親情 (上集) Parent's Love, Part One
冷暖親情 (下集) Parent's Love, Part Two
冷秋薇 (下集) A Girl Named Leng Chau-mei, Concluding Episode
出嫁從夫 Follow the Husband
初戀 First Love
初歸新抱 Right to Love
千手奇女子 Double Exposure
南龍北鳳 The Dragon and the Phoenix
古廟幽魂 A Ghost in the Temple
夜夜杜鵑啼 Song of the Nightingale
天倫鏡 Good Humanity
夫憑妻貴 The Wife's Husband
奪命刀 That Frighening Sword
奪命雌雄劍 The Phoenix Swords
女大不中留 The Marriageable Age
女權 The Right of Women
女黑俠 Heroine in Black
女黑俠花木蘭 The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua
好女嫁得有情郎 A Loving Husband for My Lovely Daughter
好姐賣粉果 The Maid Who Sells Dumplings
姐姐的情人 My Sister's Love
子母橋 (上集) The Bridge, Part One
孝女還珠記 How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl
孝子賢孫 Filial Sons and Grandchildren
孝順仔尋寶遇仙 Filial Son's Treasure-hunt
孤鳳淚 Tears of Isolated Phoenix
客串夫妻 The Pretended Couple
富貴榮華第一家 The Double Wedding by Royal Command
小偷捉賊記 To Catch a Thief
小姐的丈夫 Lady's Husband
小寶寶七戲烏龍王 Siu Po-po Pokes Fun at the King of Blunders
小白菜情困楊乃武 The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu
山盟海誓 Plighted Lovers
幸福新娘 The Happy Bride
後備新娘 A Reserve Bride
快樂年年 Happy Years