The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
鑽石大劫案 Diamond Robbery
怪俠一枝梅 The Strange Hero Yi Zhimei
我的愛人就是你 You are my Love
玉女的秘密 Secret of a Maiden Doll
那個少女不多情 Youthful Romance
漁港恩仇 Adventure in Fishing Harbour
神探智破美人計 Beauty's Trap
黃飛鴻虎爪會群英 Wong Fei-hung Meeting the Heroes with the Tiger Paw
紅衣少女 Girl with Red Coat
黑白飛天貓 Flying Cat
寶蝶記 The Precious Butterfly
矇查查的愛情 Confused Love
莫負青春 Don't Wait Till It's Too Late
金骷髏 The Golden Skull
賣當借 Selling, Pawning and Borrowing
藍色毒黃蜂 The Blue Poisonous Bees
殺手粉紅鑽 Rocambole
盲童奇遇記 Adventure of a Blind Kid
天劍絕刀 (上集) Paragon of Sword and Knife, Part One
金色聖誕夜 Golden Christmas Eve
血染鐵魔掌 The Anti-poison Heroine
嬌妻 His Loving Wife
無敵女殺手 Dragnet of the Law
難忘初戀 First Love Forever
鎖着的新娘 The Gilded Cage
青春歌后 The Great Singer
快樂年年 Happy Years
歡樂滿華堂 A House Filled with Happiness
李後主 The Tragedy of a Poet King
青春玫瑰 The Blossoming Rose
黃飛鴻威震五羊城 Wong Fei-hung: the Incredible Success in Canton
怪俠三氣胭脂虎 The Mysterious Saint
玉女痴情 The Long Three-year Wait
紅燈記 The Red Lamp
毒龍刀 Poison-dragon Dagger
梅蘭菊竹 Young and Beautiful
歡樂滿人間 Joy to the World
受薪大丈夫 Hire a Husband
魔窟尋蹤 Ghostly Shadows in Paradise
獨眼俠 The One-eyed Jack
冬戀 Winter Love
五月的紅唇 Red Lips in May
如來神掌再顯神威 The Mighty Palm
再世紅梅記 Love in The Red Chamber
如來神掌劈魔平九派 Buddhist Spirtual Palm
黃飛鴻醒獅獨霸梅花樁 Wong Fei-hong: The Invincible Lion Dancer
玉樓三鳳 Three Young Girls
紫色風雨夜 Purple Night
藍鷹 Blue Falcon
滿園春色 Merry Angel