The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
焦土抗戰 Scorched Land
胡不歸 (上集) Why Don't You Return? Part One
辣手蛇心 The Evil Mind
怪俠獨眼龍 One-Eye Dragon, the Strange Hero
雙飛蝴蝶夢 Butterfly Dream
夫榮妻未貴 Honour to the husband but not the wife
一生兒女債 Life Debt of Our Children
差利沖破天仙陣 Charlie's Escape from the Angels' Trap
啞老婆 The Dumb Wife
血染杜鵑紅 Blood-Stained Azaleas
驚魂花燭夜 Terror on the Wedding Night
天賜黃金 Unexpected Gold
春宵醉玉郎 Intoxication on a Spring Night
患難夫妻 Troublous Wives and Husband
搖紅燭化佛前燈 From Marriage to Monastery
苦命妻逢苦命郎 The Miserable Couple
春花日日紅 The Merry Month of May
兒孫福 Everyone Loves Grandpa
唔做媒人三代好 The Matchmaker's Fault
富貴似浮雲 Fleeting Riches
有事鍾無艷 Dirty Work for Chung Mo-Yim
阿繡 A Girl Called Ah Sau
拗碎靈芝 Splitting the Magic Herb
臥薪嘗膽 A King's Revenge
彩鳳入誰家 Who Will Get the Pretty Girl?
三誤佳期 The Thrice-delayed Wedding
神經大姐戇姑爺 The Idiotic Couple
黃飛鴻橫掃小北江 Wong Fei-hung's Victory in Xiao Beijiang
痲婆尋戇女 A Mad Woman Looks for Her Idiotic Daughter
杜十娘怒沉百寶箱 Tenth Madam to Sinks her Treasure Chest in Anger
代代老婆王 A Succession of Fearful Wives
彩鳳引金龍 She's So Neat
毒婦點天燈 A Wicked Woman Lights the Lamp of Heaven
恨嫁 Many Happy Returns
文武狀元爭彩鳳 Two Scholars in Contention for their Love
危巢小鳳 Girl in Danger
驚弓鳥 A Narrow Escape
喜結良緣 The Topsy-turvy Marriage
冤魂鏡 Mirror of Revenge
鐵面無私包公審烏盤 The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge Bao
鐵髮紅姑 A Mysterious Weapon