The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
萬里行屍 The Walking Corpse
瓦崗寨 The Brick Stockade
大破白蓮教 The White Lotus Menace
賣肉養孤兒 Prostituting to Raise the Orphan
沙三少與銀姐 Third-Master Sha and the Lady Yin
我為卿狂 I'm Crazy About You
新白金龍 The New White Golden Dragon
洞房花燭夜 The Wedding Night
情深恨更深 More Love, More Bitter
怪俠獨眼龍 One-Eye Dragon, the Strange Hero
蕩婦魂歸 Return of the Lascivious Woman's Soul
武松大鬧獅子樓 Wu Song's Adventure of the Lion Pavilion
金鏢黃天霸 (上集) Great Fighter Wong Ting Bar, Part One
本地狀元 Local Scandal
雷劈好心人 God's Punishment to the Good Man
戲迷姑爺 Stage-Fan Husband
慈母殺嬌兒 A Good Mother Kills Her Son
萬里長城 The Great Wall
賣肉救家姑 A Moral Hooker
桃花大俠 Peach Bloosom Hero
方世玉胡惠乾三探武當山 Fong Sai-yuk and Wu Wai-kin's Three Attempts at Wudang Mountain
飛燕迎春 Swallows Welcome Spring
大鬧廣昌隆 Ruckus at Kwong Cheong Lung
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
肉陣葬龍沮 Sex to Kill the Devil
姑嫂墳 Tomb for Sisters-in-law
豬八戒打爛盤絲洞 Pigsy Destroys the Spider Cave
小俠艾虎 The Junior Hero Ngai Fu
濟公活佛 Chai Kung, the Reincarnated Buddha
梁天來 Leung Tin-loi, The Loser
差利遊地獄 Charlie's Visit to Hell
夜祭雷峰塔 Nocturnal Sacrifice at Lui Fung Tower
武則天 The Empress Wu
黑妖婦 The Devil Woman in Black
小青吊影 The Shadow of Siu-ching
六月飛霜 Snow Storm in June
客途秋恨 A Sorrowful Journey in Autumn
金絲蝴蝶 The Gold-Braided Butterfly
周氏反嫁 Madame Chow's Second Marriage
羅宮春色 Romance of Rome Palace
紅孩兒大戰五龍公主 The Big Fight Between Red Kid and Five Dragon Princess
武松血濺鴛鴦樓 Mo Tsung's Blood Fight at Double Pavilion
我愛薄情郎 Devoted to the Unfaithful
蜀山劍俠 Swordsman of Shu Mountain
鐵羅漢勇救玉觀音 The Goddess' Rescue by Buddha
空屋箱屍 Corpse in a Case
倫文敘賣菜 Lun Man-Chui Sells Vegetables
小羅賓漢 Robin Hood, Junior
飄零二孤女 Two Roaming Orphan Girls
金玉奴棒打薄情郎 Kam Yuk-lo Spanks Her Faithless Lover