The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
摩登新娘 Bride à la Mode
佳人有約 The Rendezvous
我為情 Sworn to Love
蕭月白正傳 (上集) The True Story of Siu Yuet-pak, Part One
任劍輝舞台奮鬥史 An Actress's Struggle
阿繡 A Girl Called Ah Sau
女黑俠 Heroine in Black
元配夫人 The Proper Wife
滿堂吉慶 The Happy Hall
鄉下女尋夫 A Country Girl Looks for Her Husband
傻大姐 Funny Girl
狀元狀扁女狀元 The Smart Girl
小白菜情困楊乃武 The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu
王昭君琵琶動漢皇 Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han
世家子弟 Son of a Noble Family
鐵砂掌三會鷹爪王 Iron-Palm Versus Eagle-Claw
荒唐鏡三氣胭脂馬 How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl
軟皮蛇三鬥老虎乸 The Feud between Miss Easy-Does-It and the Fierce Shrew
還君明珠雙淚垂 I Cannot Love You
黃飛鴻西關搶新娘 Wong Fei-Hung Seizes the Bride at Xiguan
一夜九更天 The Long Night
火葬爛頭何 The Rascal He on Fire
孝女還珠記 How the Filial Daughter Returned the Pearl
出嫁從夫 Follow the Husband
金山大少 The Chair
紅梅白雪賀新春 The Elopement
羽扇恩仇 The Gratitude of a Feather Fan
蜜月驚魂 Frightful Honeymoon
貞娥刺虎 How Jing-ngo Slew the Tiger
恨嫁 Many Happy Returns
望兒亭 (上集) Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal on the Pavilion, Part One
望兒亭 (下集) Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal on the Pavilion, Part Two
天倫鏡 Good Humanity
冷暖親情 (上集) Parent's Love, Part One
冷暖親情 (下集) Parent's Love, Part Two
睡公主 Sleeping Beauty
戀愛與貞操 Love and Chastity
初戀 First Love
女權 The Right of Women
小寶寶七戲烏龍王 Siu Po-po Pokes Fun at the King of Blunders
子母橋 (上集) The Bridge, Part One
女大不中留 The Marriageable Age
孤鳳淚 Tears of Isolated Phoenix
夜夜杜鵑啼 Song of the Nightingale
古廟幽魂 A Ghost in the Temple
一劍九連環 A Sword and Nine Rings, Part One
山盟海誓 Plighted Lovers
兒女作冰人 Little Matchmakers
雙劍神鞭俠 The Whip and the Double Swords
汽車兇殺案 The Motor Car Murder