The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
天賜良緣 Romance from Heaven
花蝴蝶 (上集) The Colourful Butterfly, Part One
花蝴蝶 (下集) The Colourful Butterfly, Part Two
金粉世家 (上、下集) The Powdered World, Two Parts
烽火漁村 Fishing Village in the War
一劍定江山 A Sword to Save a Country
相逢未晚 Never Too Late to Meet
長使蛾眉淚滿襟 A Woman's Heart is Never Mended
乞兒皇帝 The Pauper King
魂斷歸家娘 Lament of a Divorced Woman
黃飛鴻傳 (上集) The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part One
黃飛鴻傳 (下集) The Story of Wong Fei-hung, Part Two
經紀拉 Broker Lai
薛仁貴血戰柳家莊 Sit Yan-kwai's Bloody Battle at Lau Village
臨老入花叢 The Elderly Gentleman Searches for Romance
願郎重吻妾朱唇 Kiss me again Don't waste your youth
脂粉生涯 A Life of Rouge and Powder
廣東十虎屠龍記 How Ten Heroes of Guangdong Slew the Dragon
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
烏龍夫妻 The Blundering Couple
梵宮情淚 Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse
年晚錢 The End of the Year Means Money
烏龍姻緣 Marriage by Mistake
人之初 Infancy
銀燈魔影 Phantom in the Limelight
百戰神弓 The Brave Archer
大良阿斗官 Master Ah Dau, a Native of Tai Leung
兩個傻英雄 Two Foolish Heroes
新海角紅樓 New Red House by the Sea
艷福齊天 All the Love Heaven Allows
三個陳村種 Three Good Fellas
貼錯門神 At Odds with Each Other
女白金龍 Female Pak Kam-lung
富貴花開並蒂蓮 Rich and Happy
同人唔同命 Not All People Have the Same Fate
牛耕田馬食穀 The Ox Pulls the Plough while the Horse Eats the Grain
出籠鳥 A Free Bird
弄假成真 When Pretence Becomes Reality
胭脂淚 Rouge Tears
長使我郎淚滿襟 Grief-Stricken for My Husband
初為人母 Young Mother
善惡到頭終有報 Good and Evil Have Their Own Rewards
知足者貧亦樂 Poor but Happy
妙曲慰郎心 A Song to Comfort My Lover
愛 (下集) Love, the Sequel
恨不相逢未嫁時 If Only We'd Met When I Was Single
復活 Resurrection
新毒玫瑰 The Rose
梁山伯與祝英台 The Romance of Leung Shan-pak and Chuk Ying-toi
危城鶼鰈 Love in a Dangerous City