The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
青衫紅淚 A Poor Lover's Tears
烽火漁村 Fishing Village in the War
紅顏未老恩先斷 Separated Too Soon
連生貴子 A Baby for Everybody
寶玉奇緣 Romantic Adventure
一生兒女債 Life Debt of Our Children
長使蛾眉淚滿襟 A Woman's Heart is Never Mended
乞兒皇帝 The Pauper King
魂斷歸家娘 Lament of a Divorced Woman
差利沖破天仙陣 Charlie's Escape from the Angels' Trap
啞老婆 The Dumb Wife
痴心女子負心郎 The Honest and the Dishonest
夜破藏香洞 Night Discovery of the Women's Trap
我愛薄情郎 Devoted to the Unfaithful
血滴子 (上集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part One
血滴子 (下集) The Weapon, Blood Sucker, Part Two
願郎重吻妾朱唇 Kiss me again Don't waste your youth
俠盜情花 The Girl and the Chivalrous Bandit
廣東十虎屠龍記 How Ten Heroes of Guangdong Slew the Dragon
千古女兒千古恨 Unconquerable Devotion
人海萬花筒 Kaleidoscope
梵宮情淚 Love Tears of a Buddhist Recluse
大刀王五血戰小霸王 The Bloody Fight between Big Blade Wong Fifth and the Invincible Kid
衣錦榮歸 The Grand Homecoming
年晚錢 The End of the Year Means Money
烏龍姻緣 Marriage by Mistake
行錯姻緣路 The Erroneous Romance
情困武潘安 The Valiant Poon On Perplexed by Love
艷魔 The Dazzling Devil
銀燈魔影 Phantom in the Limelight
天堂春夢 An Illusion of Paradise
繁華夢 A Dream of Wealth and Splendour
百戰神弓 The Brave Archer
五姊妹 Five Sisters
新胡不歸 New Why Not Return?
小明星傳 The Life of Siu Ming-sing
黃金美人 The Gold and the Beauty
新姑緣嫂刼 New Tragic Sisters-in-Law
歌聲淚影 (下集) A Melancholy Melody, Part Two
客串夫人 The Temporary Wife
情劫姊妹花 The Sisters' Tragic Love
富貴花開並蒂蓮 Rich and Happy
玉碎花殘 Distinction between Sisters
再戀負心人 Another Chance for Love
貂蟬 The Story of Diu Sim
日出 Sunrise
牛耕田馬食穀 The Ox Pulls the Plough while the Horse Eats the Grain
呆佬嫁女 The Marriage of the Fool's Daughter
父與子 Father and Son
流水行雲 Like the Cloud's Swift Passage