The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
乖侄 My Good Nephew
丹鳳屠龍劍 Killing Dragon Sword
中原奇俠 The Purple Lightning Sword
世家子弟 Son of a Noble Family
不是冤家不聚頭 Strange Bedfellows
不斬樓蘭誓不還 No Return Without Victory
不如歸 You Better Return
不夜天 Never Ending Night
下一代 The Next Generation
三鳳求凰 They All Say I Do
三誤佳期 The Thrice-delayed Wedding
三盜九龍盃 Three Attempts at the Nine Dragon Cup
三盜九龍杯 Three Attempts to Steal the Goblet of Nine Dragons
三王嫁二喬 The Marriages of the Two Princesses
三滴血 Three Drops of Blood
三月杜鵑魂 Cuckoo's soul in March
三春審父 Sam-chun Tries Her Father in Court
三招了 Within Three Strikes
三把憐香劍 The Three Loving Swords
三打祝家莊 (下集) The Three Sieges of Chuk Village, Part Two
三打祝家莊 (上集) The Three Sieges of Chuk Village, Part One
三戰定江山 Three Battles to Secure Peace for Nation
三年一哭二郎橋 Triennial Mourning on the Bridge
三屍四命五重冤 Who's the Murderer?
三審玉堂春 The Three Trials of Yuk Tong Chun
三審狀元妻 The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife
三宮六苑斬狐妃 Three Grand Palaces
三婿回門 Three Grooms for Three Brides
三娘汲水 Third Madame's Story
三娘教子 Third Madame Educates Her Son
三姑嫂 (下集) The Three Sisters, Part Two
三姑嫂 (上集) The Three Sisters, Part One
三姐下凡 The Fairy Third Sister's Trip to the Secular World
三妻奇案 The Strange Case of Three Wives
三女性 Three Females
三喜臨門 Three Blessings
三喜奇緣 Three Happy Couples
三告狀 Sze Kwai-fun's Murder Case
三合明珠寶劍 Two Swords and a Pearl
三司會審殺姑案 Trial of the Wife Who Murdered Her Mother-in-law
三十年胭脂淚 Last Minute
三十六點鎖喉槍 The Killing Spear
三劍鬥天魔 Three Swords and the Sky Monster
三入閻王殿 She Goes to Hell Thrice
三傻尋女 Three Fools Searching for Their Daughter
三個陳村種 Three Good Fellas
三個正宮殺太子 (下集) Three Queens' Assassination of the Prince, Part Two
三個正宮殺太子 (上集) Three Queens' Assassination of the Prince, Part One