The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
黛綠年華 The Tender Age
黑俠擒兇 The Black Mask
魂歸離恨天 Love Lingers On
雙劍盟 (下集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part Two
雙劍盟 (上集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part One
錦繡年華 The Wonderful Years
苦心蓮 (下集) Bitter Lotus, Part Two
苦心蓮 (上集) Bitter Lotus, Part One
苦命鴛鴦 Bitter Romance
翠樓春曉 Second Spring
美人春夢 Memories of Love
碧海浮屍 The Body of a Blackmailer
璇宮艷史 (下集) My Kingdom for a Honeymoon
璇宮艷史 (上集) My Kingdom For a Husband
琵琶怨 The Sorrowful Lute
殺妻案 Over My Dead Body
殺人王大戰扭計深 The Man Killer Against the Tricky Man
歷盡滄桑一美人 True Love
東床佳婿 My Eligible Son-in-law
月宮寶盒 The Magic Box
廣告女郎 The Girl of the Year
太太緝私團 Inspectress General
夜夜杜鵑啼 Song of the Nightingale
南北喜相逢 The Greatest Love Affair on Earth
南北和 The Greatest Civil War on Earth
南北一家親 The Greatest Wedding On Earth
半生老婆奴 Henpecked Husband
傻偵探 False Alarm
三鳳求凰 They All Say I Do
七喜臨門 The Seven Lucky Ones
一家之主 Master of the Family