The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳花燭 Wedding Candles
龍虎震江南 (下集) A Hero is Born, Part Two
龍虎震江南 (上集) A Hero is Born, Part One
龍虎榜 (上集) A Notice of Knigts, Part One
龍虎恩仇龍鳳配 Twin's Trouble
龍虎下江南 (上集) Marching Down the South, Part One
龍虎三女霸 (下集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part Two
龍虎三女霸 (上集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part One
龍膽 Where the Dragon Dares
龍翔鳳舞慶新春 Prince's Lovers
龍女三娘 The Dragon's Daughter
黑蜈蚣 The Black Centipede
黑色的假期 Black Holidays
黑海擒兇 Dark Night Trap
黐線世界 It’s a Crazy World
黃飛鴻醒獅獨霸梅花樁 Wong Fei-hong: The Invincible Lion Dancer
黃飛鴻虎鶴鬥五狼 Wong Fei-hung's combat with the five wolves
黃飛鴻浴血硫磺谷 Wong Fei-hung in Sulphur Valley
黃飛鴻拳王爭霸 Wong Fei-hung: Duel for the Championship
黃飛鴻巧奪鯊魚青 Wong Fei-hung: The Duel for the 'Sha-yu-ching'
黃飛鴻威震五羊城 Wong Fei-hung: the Incredible Success in Canton
黃衫客 The One in Yellow
鳳閣驚魂 Horror in a Girl's Room
鳳閣重開姊妹花 Two Sisters in Phoenix Bower
魔鏡神珠 (下集) The Village Militia, Concluding Episode
魔鏡神珠 (上集) The Village Militia, Part One
魔穴神娃 (上集) The Mysterious Swordwoman, Part One
魔爪神鞭 The Claw and the Whip
魔影驚魂 The Horrors of the Evil Shadow
鬼馬家姐 Fortune Hunter
鬼谷神珠 Pearl of the Devil Valley
鬼兇手 The Ghostly Murderer
驚弓鳥 A Narrow Escape
馬騮精出世 The Birth of the Monkey King
馬票狂 Sweepstake Madness
香城艷屍 The Case of a Beautiful Corpse
香城九鳳 The Nine Phoenixes of the City
飛龍刀 Dragon Sword
飛頭公主雷電鬥飛龍 Magic Head of the Princess, Part Two
飛賊紅玫瑰 Girl with a Thousand Identities
飛賊白菊花 Flying Thief White Flower
飛哥跌落坑渠 Teddy Boy in the Gutter
飛劍神龍 The Flying Sword
飄零孤鳳 The Miserable Little Girl
風流天子與多情孟麗君 The Playboy Emperor and the Dedicated Meng Lijun
青山依舊夕陽紅 Family Doctrine, Part Two
霹靂金較剪 (下集) The Golden Scissors, Part Two
霹靂金較剪 (上集) The Golden Scissors, Part One
霹靂薔薇 (上集) The Thundering Red Rose, Part One
雪花神劍 (四集) The Mighty Snow Sword, Concluding Episode