The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳呈祥 Happy Wedding
黃飛鴻義救海幢寺 (下集) How Wong Fei-hung Redeemed Haichuang Temple, Part Two
黃飛鴻義救海幢寺 (上集) How Wong Fei-hung Redeemed Haichuang Temple, Part One
黃飛鴻一棍伏三霸 How Wong Fei-hung Defeated Three Bullies with a Rod
鴻運當頭 Fortune Shines Down
鳳燭燒殘淚未乾 Sad Wedding
鬼妻 The Ghostly Wife
骨肉喜重逢 Seeing My Child Again
養子當知父母恩 Honour Thy Father and Mother
飛鳳游龍 Happy Lovers
風流天子 Playboy Emperor
風流夜合花 Romantic Night
風塵俠犬 The Heroic Dog
雪夜訪情僧 Meeting the Lovelorn Monk on a Snowy Night
離巢燕 The Flight of the Swallows
雙雄鬥智 Two Heroic Rivals
雌虎大破清真寺 The Heroine's Conquest of the Mosque
鐵橋三義救穿雲燕 The Rescue of Cloud-Piercing Swallow
錢作怪 Money Is the Root of All Evil
還君一點相思淚 Tears for an Absent Love
賣花讚花香 Flowers for Sale
賣花得美 Romance of the Flower Peddler
賊美人 The Beautiful Thief
貼錯門神 At Odds with Each Other
財歸財路 Money Talks
貂蟬 The Story of Diu Sim
豬八戒招親 Pigsy Takes a Wife
行正桃花運 Cupid Above
血戰龍鳳山 Bloody Duel at Longfeng Mountain
蜜運 Romantic Spell
處處喜相逢 Lucky Gathering
蘇乞兒 A Beggar Named So
落霞孤鶩 Runaway Lovers
荒江奇俠 Hero of the Deserted River
苦海明燈 A Son Is Born
花街紅粉女 Street-Walker
芬芳艷史 A Sweet Love Affair
艷女情顛假玉郎 The Unmanly Man
義犬救美 How the Valiant Dog Saved the Pretty Girl
義犬報恩 The Valiant Dog Saves Its Master
群雄威震龍鳳山 The Kung Fu Gathering at Longfeng Mountain
紅粉多情 Tender Lover
糊塗脂粉客 The Clumsy Lover
粉蝶鬧香城 The Hell-Raisers
秦淮月下再生緣 Under the Moon, by the Qinhuai River, We Meet Again
秋雨殘花 Fallen Petals in the Autumn Rain
秋海棠 An Actor's Romance
神燈 The Magic Lantern
碧海狂僧 The Mad Monk by the Sea
相逢盡是未婚人 All Acquaintances Are Single