The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳合歡花 The Joyful Matrimony
龍虎鬥江南 The Battle Between the Dragon and Tiger
龍虎關前烈女魂 Patriotic Heroine
黃飛鴻擂台爭霸戰 Huang Feihong's Combat in the Boxing Ring
鴛鴦江遺恨 (下集) River of Mandarin Duck, Part Two
鴛鴦江遺恨 (上集) River of Mandarin Duck, Part One
鳳還巢 Sisters of Different Mother
鳳笛雲歌 (下集) A Song to Remember, Part Two
鳳笛雲歌 (上集) A Song to Remember, Part One
鬼媳婦 The Ghostly Daughter-in-law
骨肉情深姊妹花 Two Sister and the Stepmother
飛龍太子劈石救銀妃 Prince Flying Dragon
飛頭公主雷電鬥飛龍 Magic Head of the Princess, Part Two
飛頭公主滴血救親夫 Magic Head of Princess
飄萍恨 (上集) The Affairs of Miss Ping, Part One
風塵奇女子 Secret Agent: The Swallow
非夢奇緣 The Random Harvest
青山紅粉 The Girl and the Sea
電梯情殺案 The Elevator Murder Case
雷電出孤兒 An Orphan Was Born in Thunderstorm
雷雨之夜 The Stormy Night
雲台十八劍 The Swordsmen of Mount Win Toi
雪峰魔女 The Snow Peak Nymph
雨夜驚魂 The Stormy Night
難兄難弟 My Intimate Partners
雞鳴狗盜 The Wonderful Partner
雙考女萬里尋親 Two Filial Daughters in Search of Their Parents
雙孝子月宮救母 The Twins
雙孝女萬里尋親 Two Filial Daughters in Search of Their Parents
陣陣驚魂 The Kidnappers
附薦何文秀 Escape from Banishment
阿里巴巴與四十大盜 Ai Baba and the Forty Thieves
鐵臂拳王 Iron Arms and the Boxer
錦羅記 The Unknown Benefactress
銀龍太子鬥八仙 The Prince of the Sea-god
銀屏太子陰陽河會妻 The White Snake Girl, Part Two
金麒麟五福臨門 Five Children at One Brith
連理枝 Her Generosity
貞娥刺虎 How Jing-ngo Slew the Tiger
西河會妻 Rescue at the West River
血淚人生 A Tearful Life
血掌奪親兒 Bloody Hand
血屋驚魂 Blood Terror
蠻女賣相思 Avenged
蜜月驚魂 Frightful Honeymoon
虹 Rainbow
藍袍惹桂香 The Love Quadrangle
荒島驚魂 Adventure On a Deadly Island
荒山盜屍案 Macabre
苦海紅蓮 Sweet Bitterness