The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳爭掛帥 Love and War
黑野貓霸海揚威 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again
黑白飛天貓 Flying Cat
黑殺星 Dangerous Appointment
黃飛鴻虎爪會群英 Wong Fei-hung Meeting the Heroes with the Tiger Paw
鳳舞驚魂 Crime Behind the Curtain
飛賊金絲貓 The Golden Cat
飛賊紅玫瑰 Girl with a Thousand Identities
飛哥跌落坑渠 Teddy Boy in the Gutter
風流才子俏丫環 A Merry Maid
青春兒女 Love Love Love
青春之戀 Youth's Love
難忘初戀 First Love Forever
離婚之喜 The Divorce Brinkmanship
閃電煞星 Lightning Killer
長髮姑娘 The Long-Haired Lady
鑽石大劫案 Diamond Robbery
鐵面無私包公審烏盤 The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge Bao
鐵膽恩仇 Revenger
金鷗 Golden Gull
金骷髏 The Golden Skull
金面俠 Golden-Masked Heroes
金色聖誕夜 Golden Christmas Eve
那個少女不多情 Youthful Romance
遙遠的路 The Long Journey Home
迷人小鳥 The Young Lovers
賣當借 Selling, Pawning and Borrowing
貓眼女郎 Cat-eyed Beauty
血染鐵魔掌 The Anti-poison Heroine
虎口鴛鴦 They Fought Shoulder to Shoulder
藍色毒黃蜂 The Blue Poisonous Bees
藍色夜總會 The Man from Interpol
莫負青春 Don't Wait Till It's Too Late
英雄本色 The Story of a Discharged Prisoner
苦海嬌兒 The Adventure of an Orphan
花月佳期 Summer and Spring
聖火雄風大破火蓮陣 Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind, Part Three
紅衣少女 Girl with Red Coat
紅花俠盜 To Rose with Love
粉紅色炸彈 Pink Bomb
空中女殺手 The Perilous Rescue
神探智破美人計 Beauty's Trap
碧眼魔女 The Green-Eyed Lady
矇查查的愛情 Confused Love
矇查查搵食 Making a Living in a Blind Way
矇查查搵老婆 Finding a Wife in a Blind Way
盲童奇遇記 Adventure of a Blind Kid
白天鵝 The White Swan
甜甜蜜蜜的姑娘 A Sweet Girl
玉面女殺星 Bat Girl