The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍虎笙歌戲鳳凰 Sing Her a Love Song
黑野貓霸海揚威 Lady Black Cat Strikes Again
黃飛鴻神威伏三煞 Wong Fei-hung: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang'
黃飛鴻火燒大沙頭 How Wong Fei-hung Set Fire to Dashatou
黃飛鴻戲棚伏虎 How Wong Fei-hung Defeated the Tiger on the Opera Stage
黃飛鴻夫妻除三害 How Wong Fei-hung and Wife Eradicated the Three Rascals
黃飛鴻喋血馬鞍山 Wong Fei-hung's Battle at Saddle Hill
黃飛鴻伏二虎 How Wong Fei-hung Subdued the Two Tigers
鴛鴦刀 (上集) The Mandarin Swords, Part One
飛賊金絲貓 The Golden Cat
飛哥跌落坑渠 Teddy Boy in the Gutter
飛劍神龍 The Flying Sword
霸王妖姬 The Warlord and the Beauty
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
阿福當兵 A Fool in the Army
關東大俠 白骨潭奪寶記 The Hero of Guangdong's Treasure-hunt
鐵嘴雞 Lady with a Silver and Bitter Tongue
錦繡人生 This Wonderful Life
銀刀血劍 Silver Knife, Scarlet Blade
金鑾教子認生娘 Palace
金釵引鳳凰 Luring the Girls On
通心樹 Price & passion
豪門夜宴 Feast of a Rich Family
蜜月 Honeymoon
萬里烽煙尋妹喜 The Cruel King
荒唐鏡三氣胭脂馬 How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl
花神 The White Peony
花燈照玉郎 Love Under the Festival Lanterns
老夫子與大蕃薯 Old Master, Part Two
羽扇恩仇 The Gratitude of a Feather Fan
糊塗太太 A Blundering Wife
第七號司機 Driver No. 7
秘密客 Mysterious Stranger
碧落紅塵 (三集大結局) Revenge, Concluding Episode
白骨離魂針 (下集) The Devil and Her Magic Needles, Part Two
白骨離魂針 (上集) The Devil and Her Magic Needles, Part One
生神仙 The Human Fairy
生死連枝 (上集) Between Life and Death, Part One
甜姐兒 Darling Girl
王先生騎正胭脂馬 Mr. Wong's Adventures with the Unruly Girl
玉女驚魂 Sweet Girl in Terror
獨立橋之戀 The Merdeka Bridge
猛鬼橋 Haunted Bridge
狐仙奇緣 The Strange Fox
狄青五虎平西 How Tik Ching and the Five Tigers Conquered the West
爛賭二當老婆 The Gambler's Wife
無兵司令 A Commander without an Army
烈女春香 Girl Martyr
烈女報夫仇 A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death
灰青五虎平西 How Di Qing and the Five Tigers Conquered the Weat