The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
古廟幽魂 A Ghost in the Temple
古靈精怪 Funny Fellows
可憐天下父母心 The Great Devotion
可憐女 A Poor Girl
可憐的媽媽 Poor Mother
可憐閨裏月 A Pitiable Wife
可憐駙馬可憐妻 Monarchical Restoration
司馬夫大破蜜糖黨 Smith's Encounter with the Honey Gang
司馬琴挑寡婦心 How Sima's Qin Won the Widow's Heart
司馬相如 The Story of Sima Sheung-Yu
合家有喜 The Blessed Family
合歡歌舞慶華年 Joy of Music
合珠記 Pearl's Reconciliation
同人唔同命 Not All People Have the Same Fate
同屋共住 Different Residents Living Together
同撈同煲 Great Chums
同遮唔同柄 Not All Umbrellas Have the Same Handle
名劍天驕 Famous Swordsman Tin Kiu
君子劍 The Gentleman Sword
含淚的玫瑰 Rose in Tears
含笑火 Twin Sisters
含笑飲砒霜 Swallow the Poison with a Smile
吳起殺妻求將 How Ng Hei Slew His Wife to Prove His Allegiance
吸血婦 The Bloody Sucker
吸血神鞭 The Magic Whip
呂布戲貂蟬 The Affair between Lui Bo and Diu Sim
呂布搶貂蟬 Lui Bo Captures Diu Sim
呂洞賓三戲白牡丹 Lui Tung-ban's Three Tricks on White Peony
呂蒙正祭灶 Lu Mengzheng Prays to the Stove God
呆佬嫁女 The Marriage of the Fool's Daughter
呆佬拜壽 The Dunce Attends a Birthday Party
呆佬添丁 The Dunce Gets a Son
呆佬遇鬼 The Dunce Bumps into a Ghost
周氏反嫁 Madame Chow's Second Marriage
呷錯醋 Misguided Jealousy
咖啡女郎 The Two Cafe Girls
哪吒三戲六耳猴 How Nazha Thrice Tricked the Six- Eared Monkey
哪吒三戲紅孩兒 The Adventures of Nazha
哪吒三鬥紅孩兒 Nazha and Crimson Child
哪吒出世 The Birth of Nazha
哪吒劈天救母 How Na Zha Shattered Heaven to Save His Mother
哪吒大戰紅孩兒 The Battle between Nazha and the Red Kid
哪吒大鬧天宮 Nazha's Adventures in the Heavenly Palace
哪吒蛇山救母 How Nazha Rescued his Mother from the Snake Mountain
哪吒鬧東海 Nazha's Adventures in the East Sea
哪咤收七妖 Nyasa Lad Against Seven Devils
哪咤梅山收七怪 Nazha Conquers the Seven Devils at Mount Mei