The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema (1949-1969)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
關漢卿 Guan Han Qing
阿牛新傳 The New Story of Ah Ngau
阿珍要嫁人 Landlady and Tenant
阿福 The Story of Ah Fuk
阿福當兵 A Fool in the Army
阿繡 A Girl Called Ah Sau
阿蘭嫁阿瑞 Ah Lan Marries Ah Shui
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
阿里巴巴與四十大盜 Ai Baba and the Forty Thieves
附薦何文秀 Escape from Banishment
陞官發財 Promotion Means Money
陣陣美人威 Refoundation of Kingdom Qi
陣陣驚魂 The Kidnappers
除卻巫山不是雲 The Whims of the Heart
陰陽扇 The Yinyang Fan
陰陽配 The Marriage between the Quick and The Dead
陳世美不認妻 Chan Sai-mei Betrays His Wife
陳世美與秦香蓮 Chen Shimei, The Unfaithful Husband, and Qin Xianglian
陳夢吉與荒唐鏡 Chen Mengji and Huang Tangjing
陳夢吉鬥荒唐鏡 Chan Mung-kat versus Fong-tong Keng
陳姑追舟 Ms Chan's Boat Chase
陳宮罵曹 How Chan Kung Reprimanded Cho
陳寶珠南遊特輯 Connie Chan Po- chu in Singapore
陳村種三跪水觀音 Chan and Goddess
陳萬年再世姻緣 Marriage for Chan Man-nin in the Next Life
陶三春困城 Bows and Arrows
陸阿采 The Story of Luk Ah-choi
隔籬鄰舍兩家親 Two Family
隱形女俠 The Invisible Heroine
隱形福星 The Invisible Lucky Star
雄寡婦 Man Widow
雄心太子 The Ambitious Prince
雌虎大破清真寺 The Heroine's Conquest of the Mosque
雌虎鬧京華 (上集) The Tigress' Adventures in the Capital, Part One
雌虎鬧京華 (下集) The Tigress' Adventures in the Capital, Part Two
雌雄劍贖母報父仇 Twin Swords of Retribution
雌雄妙賊 The Magnificent Dual
雌雄雙俠 The Chivalrous Pair
雌雄雙劍俠 The Swordsman and the Swordswoman
雙仙拜月亭 Two Immortals at the Pavilion of the Moon
雙劍盟 (上集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part One
雙劍盟 (下集) Pledge of the Twin Blades, Part Two
雙劍神鞭俠 The Whip and the Double Swords
雙十年華 The Broken-up Family
雙喜臨門 Double happiness at the door
雙太子飛渡雁門關 The Two Princes' Passage Through the Wild Goose Gate
雙孝女萬里尋親 Two Filial Daughters in Search of Their Parents
雙孝子劈棺救母 Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother
雙孝子月宮救母 The Twins