The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍虎少爺 The Treasure Hunters
鼠膽龍威 High Risk
黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 Last Hero in China
鹿鼎記II神龍教 Royal Tramp II
鹿鼎記 Royal Tramp
魔翡翠 Magic Crystal
鬼馬飛人 The Flying Mr. B
鬼媾人 Ghost Fever
鬼咁過癮 The Ghosts and I
香港淪陷 1941 Hong Kong on Fire
靚足100分 Perfect Girls
青蛙王子 Prince Charming
阿燦正傳 The Story of a Refugee
運財至叻星 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
連環大鬭法 Crazy Nuts
逃學威龍三之龍過雞年 Fight Back to School III
追男仔 Boys are Easy
超級學校霸王 Future Cops
赤裸羔羊 Naked Killer
贏錢專家 Money Maker
賭聖2之街頭賭聖 The Saint of Gamblers
賭神3之少年賭神 God of Gambler's 3 - The Early Stage
賭神2 God of Gamblers' Return
賭神 God of Gamblers
賭城大亨之新哥傳奇 Casino Tycoon
賭城大亨II之至尊無敵 Casino Tycoon II
賭俠大戰拉斯維加斯 The Conmen in Vegas
賭俠II之上海灘賭聖 God of Gamblers Part 3 - Back to Shanghai
賭俠 God of Gamblers II
賊王之王 Winner Takes All
豹妹 Her Name is Cat
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
花心大少 Hong Kong Playboy
與龍共舞 Dance with the Dragon
至尊計狀元才 No Risk, No Gain
至尊無上 Casino Raiders
至尊三十六計之偷天換日 Perfect Exchange
綁架黃七輝 Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai
精裝難兄難弟 Those Were the Days
精裝追女仔之3狼之一族 The Romancing Star III
精裝追女仔之2 The Romancing Star II
精裝追女仔 The Romancing Star
笑俠楚留香 Legend of the Liquid Sword
福星闖江湖 Return of The Lucky Stars
神經刀與飛天貓 Flying Dagger
神勇雙妹嘜 Doubles Causes Troubles
神偷妙探手多多 Itchy Fingers
癲鳳狂龍 Three Stooges Go Undercover
用愛捉伊人 You're My Destiny
珠光寶氣 Whatever You Want......