The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
A計劃 Project A
三德和尚與舂米六 The Iron-fisted Monk
不夜天 Killer's Nocturne
亡命鴛鴦 On the Run
人嚇人 The Dead and the Deadly
刀 The Blade
勇者無懼 Dreadnaught
又見冤家 Love Me and My Dad
名劍 The Sword
夏日福星 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars
夜夜伴肥嬌 Changing Partner
夜車 The Happenings
奇蹟 Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (Miracles)
威龍猛探 The Protector
孽慾追擊檔案之邪殺 The Imp
富貴開心鬼 Lost Souls
小心間諜 To Spy with Love
巡城馬 The Postman Fights Back
師弟出馬 The Young Master
快餐車 Wheel on Meals
愛情謎語 Chaos by Design
慌失失 Murder Most Foul
我的愛神 My Heavenly Lover
摩登保鑣 Security Unlimited
摩登天師 To Hell with the Devil
東方禿鷹 Eastern Condors
林世榮 The Magnificent Butcher
極道追踪 Zodiac Killers
歡樂叮噹 Happy Din Don
死亡塔 Tower of Death
死亡遊戲 Game of Death
殭屍先生 Mr. Vampire
殭屍先生續集殭屍家族 Mr. Vampire II
殭屍叔叔 Mr. Vampire Saga IV
殺妻2人組 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife
波牛 The Champions
狂情 The Body is Willing
猛鬼差館 The Haunted Cop Shop
生死决 Duel to the Death
男兒當自強 Once Upon A Time in China II
發錢寒 The Pilferer's Progress
皇家女將 She Shoots Straight
盡訴心中情 Midnight Whispers
神偷妙探手多多 Itchy Fingers
神探朱古力 Mr Boo VIII Chocolate Inspector
衛斯理之老貓 The Cat
衝鋒隊怒火街頭 Big Bullet
表姐, 妳好嘢! III 之大人駕到 Her Fatal Way III
表姐, 妳好嘢!4之情不自禁 Her Fatal Way IV
說謊的女人 I am Sorry