The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
舊夢不須記 Once Upon a Time
唐山大兄 The Big Boss
鬼馬雙星 Games Gamblers Play
天才與白痴 The Last Message
半斤八両 The Private Eyes
大煞星與小妹頭 Follow the Star
豪俠 Last Hurrah for Chivalry
鬼打鬼 Encounter of the Spooky Kind
公子嬌 Wedding Bells, Wedding Belles
敗家仔 The Prodigal Son
八彩林亞珍 Plain Jane to the Rescue
新蜀山劍俠 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
奇謀妙計五福星 Winners & Sinners
鬼馬朱唇 Merry Go Round
再見媽咪 Goodbye Mammie
英雄無淚 Heroes Shed No Tears
A計劃 (續集) Project A II
省港旗兵 (續集) Long Arm of the Law - Saga II
畫中仙 Picture of a Nymph
一妻兩夫 One Husband Too Many
月亮星星太陽 Moon, Star & Sun
公子多情 The Greatest Lover
郁達夫傳奇 Cherry Blossom
神勇飛虎霸王花 The Inspector Wears Skirts Part II
孔雀王子 Peacock King
四千金 Four Loves
一眉道人 Vampire vs Vampire
急凍奇俠 Iceman Cometh
不脫襪的人 A Fishy Story
我愛唐人街 What a Small World
三狼奇案 Sentenced to Hang
亂世兒女 Shanghai, Shanghai
阿修羅 Saga of the Phoenix
愛在別鄉的季節 Farewell, China
衛斯理之霸王卸甲 Bury Me High
我老婆唔係人 Alien Wife
跛豪 To Be Number One
表姐, 妳好嘢!續集 Her Fatal Ways II
黃飛鴻 Once upon a Time in China
Yes一族 Fruit Punch
神探馬如龍 Inspector Pink Dragon
玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑 Sex and Zen
阮玲玉 Center Stage
黃飛鴻92之龍行天下 The Master
警察故事 III 超級警察 Police Story III - Super Cop
夢醒時分 Mary from Beijing
歲月風雲之上海皇帝 Lord of East China Sea
飛狐外傳 The Sword of Many Lovers
少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 Iron Monkey
天台的月光 A Roof with a View