The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍虎少爺 The Treasure Hunters
黑蜥蜴 The Black Lizard
鹿鼎記 Tales of a Eunuch
魔界 Hell Has No Boundary
魔劍俠情 Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
魔 The Boxer's Omen
鬼馬飛人 The Flying Mr. B
鬥氣小神仙 Puppy Love
馬永貞 Hero
香港奇案之四"廟街皇后" The Criminals 4 - Assault
香港奇案之五"姦魔" The Criminals 5 - the Teenager's Nightmare
香港奇案之二"兇殺" The Criminals 2 - Homicides
香港奇案之三"老爺車縱火謀殺案" The Criminals 3 - Arson
香港73 Hong Kong 73
風流寃鬼 Sex Beyond the Grave
非法移民 The Illegal Immigrant
青蛙王子 Prince Charming
青春1000日 The Pure and the Evil
霹靂十傑 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
雪兒 Cherie
長輩 My Young Auntie
邪鬥邪 Hex vs Witchcraft
邪完再邪 Hex After Hex
邪 Hex
連體 The Siamese Twins
連城訣 A Deadly Secret
踩線 Murderer Pursues
賭王大騙局 King Gambler
賊王之王 Winner Takes All
表錯7日情 Let's Make Laugh
衝鋒車 Mobfix Patrol
蠱 Bewitched
萬人斬 Killer Constable
花街時代 My Name ain't Suzie
花心大少 Hong Kong Playboy
緣份 Behind the Yellow Line
窺情 Maybe It's Love
種鬼 Seeding of a Ghost
神通術與小霸王 The Weird Man
神勇雙妹嘜 Doubles Causes Troubles
碟仙 Haunted Tales
皇家大賊 Danger has Two Faces
瘋猴 Mad Monkey Kung Fu
男與女 Hong Kong Hong Kong
現代豪放女 Twisted Love
珠光寶氣 Whatever You Want......
獵魔者 Mercenaries from Hong Kong
爛頭何 Dirty Ho
流氓千王 Gambler's Delight
沒有老公的日子 Tragic Commitment