The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
2.5 cm The Young Heroes of the Street
中華丈夫 Heroes of The East
今夜星光燦爛 Starry is The Night
佛跳牆 The Mad Monk
倚天屠龍記 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
倚天屠龍記大結局 Heaven Sword and Dragon sabre 2
傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City
千門八將 Notorious Eight
卒仔抽車 Rolls, Rolls, I Love You
南北獅王 Lion vs Lion
叻女正傳 Sexy Career Girls
奇門怪招爛頭 The Reckless Cricket
女人心 Women
奸人鬼 A Friend from Inner Space
掌門人 The Lady is the Boss
插翅難飛 The Convict Killer
搏盡 Godfather of Canton
摩登土佬 Disco Bumpkins
撈過界 Bank-busters
暗渠 Men from the Gutter
書劍恩仇錄 The Emperor and His Brother
流氓千王 Gambler's Delight
神通術與小霸王 The Weird Man
種鬼 Seeding of a Ghost
窺情 Maybe It's Love
童軍樂 One Heart One Spirit
緣份 Behind the Yellow Line
花心大少 Hong Kong Playboy
連城訣 A Deadly Secret
連體 The Siamese Twins
邪 Hex
邪完再邪 Hex After Hex
邪鬥邪 Hex vs Witchcraft
金手指 The Informer
錯體人 My Mind, Your Body
錯點鴛鴦 Love with the Perfect Stranger
長輩 My Young Auntie
風流寃鬼 Sex Beyond the Grave
飛屍 Revenge of The Corpse
香港73 Hong Kong 73
香港奇案之三"老爺車縱火謀殺案" The Criminals 3 - Arson
香港奇案之二"兇殺" The Criminals 2 - Homicides
香港奇案之五"姦魔" The Criminals 5 - the Teenager's Nightmare
香港奇案之四"廟街皇后" The Criminals 4 - Assault
鬼咁過癮 The Ghosts and I
鬼域 Avengers from Hell
魔 The Boxer's Omen
魔劍俠情 Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
魔界 Hell Has No Boundary
龍虎少爺 The Treasure Hunters