The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
兩傻擒兇記 Two Fools Catch the Murderer
錢 Money
兩傻遊天堂 Two Fools in Paradise
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
兩傻遊地獄 Two Fools in Hell
馬票女郎 The Sweepstakes Seller
甜姐兒 Darling Girl
璇宮艷史 My Kingdom for a Husband
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
桃花女鬥法 The Peach Blossom Girl's Magic Duel
表錯情 Laughable Mistakes
扭紋新抱惡家姑 A Nagging Wife Meets Her Fierce Mother-in-law
十字街頭 Crossroads
人結人緣 It's Fun Getting Together
蠶虫師爺 Wise Guy
笑星降地球 A Comet of Laughter Lands on Earth
傻仔洞房 The Idiot's Wedding Night
觀音兵 The Young Lady's Escort Army
紙醉金迷 This Glamorous Life
兩仔爺 Daddy and Sonny
年晚錢 The End of The Year Means Money
烏龍夫妻 The Blundering Couple
經紀拉與飛天南 Broker Lai and the Smart Fei-tin Nam
接財神 Welcome the God of Wealth
四代同堂 Four Generations in One House
差利遇攝青鬼 Charlie Meets the Spectres
民族之光 The Light of People
妻多夫賤續集 The Polygamist, Part Two
鴻運當頭 A Stroke of Luck
鄉下佬探親家 The Country Bumpkin Visits His In-laws
鄉下佬尋仔 The Country Bumpkin Searches for His Son
妻多夫賤 The Polygamist
大傻出城 The Fool Goes to the City
鄉下佬遊埠第三集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Three
鄉下佬遊埠續集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Two
鄉下佬遊埠 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City