The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
逃學英雄傳 Truant Heroes
逃學威龍2 Fight back to School II
逃學威龍 Fight Back to School
追男仔 Boys are Easy
追妻記 How to Get a Wife
贏錢專家 Money Maker
賭聖 All for the Winner
賭俠II之上海灘賭聖 God of Gamblers Part 3 - Back to Shanghai
賭俠 God of Gamblers II
賣身契 The Contract
賊王之王 Winner Takes All
貓頭鷹 The Legend of the Owl
豬仔出更 Cadets on the Beat
豪門夜宴 Feast of a Rich Family
豆丁奇遇記 Hong Kong Adventure
警察捉小偷 Larceny
觀音兵 The Young Lady's Escort Army
西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒 A Chinese Odyssey, Part One - Pandora's Box
西遊記大結局之仙履奇緣 A Chinese Odyssey, Part Two - Cinderella
表錯情 Laughable Mistakes
表姐妳玩嘢 The Queen of Gamble
表哥我來也! Mainland Dundee
表哥到 My Cousin, the Ghost
蠶虫師爺 Wise Guy
蛇貓鶴混形拳 Lackey and the Lady Tiger
蛇形刁手 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
花田囍事 All's Well End's Well Too
花心紅杏 Fascinating Affairs
花心大少 Hong Kong Playboy
芝士火腿 Chez N' Ham
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
聰明太太笨丈夫 Lovely Husbands
老虎田雞 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog!
老婆, 妳好嘢! The Other Half
老娘夠騷 Soul
老夫子 Old Master
美男子 Mr. Handsome
繼續跳舞 Carry on Dancing
經紀拉與飛天南 Broker Lai and the Smart Fei-tin Nam
綁架黃七輝 Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai
細佬識講野! Talk to Me, Dicky
紙醉金迷 This Glamorous Life
紅場飛龍 The Dragon from Russia
精裝追女仔 The Romancing Star
算死草 Lawyer Lawyer
笑星降地球 A Comet of Laughter Lands on Earth
笑星撞地球 Sunshine Friends
笑太極 Drunken Tai Ji
笑俠楚留香 Legend of the Liquid Sword
童軍樂 One Heart One Spirit