The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
財子‧名花‧星媽 Starlets for Sale
O女 Miss "O"
灣仔四條女 Worldly Foursome
叻女正傳 Sexy Career Girls
熱浪 Torrid Wave
花煞 My Beloved
狂情 The Body is Willing
愛奴新傳 Lust for Love of A Chinese Courtesan
花女情狂 Smile Again
玉蒲團 Yu Pui Tsuen
浮世風情繪 Yu Pui Tsuen
血玫瑰 Her Vengeance
慾燄濃情 Brief Encounter
不文小丈夫 The Wildgoose Chase
三度誘惑 Temptation Summary
聊齋艷譚續集五通神 Erotic Ghost Story II
聊齋花弄月 Liu Jai Home for the Intimate Ghosts
金瓶風月 The Golden Lotus "Love and Desire"
玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑 Sex and Zen
卿本佳人 Pretty Woman
聊齋三集之燈草和尚 Erotic Ghost Story III
禁色 Pink Lady
旺角馬場 Sex for Sale
禁房艷奇 Sex & Curse
我來自北京 The Girls from China
劍奴 Slave of the Sword
慾焰狂情 Flame of Desire
愛的精靈 Spirit of Love
李麗珍蜜桃成熟時 Crazy Love
擋不住的瘋情 Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You
現代靚妹仔 Modern Girls
聖女的慾望 Little Women
替天行道之殺兄 Brother of Darkness
吸我一個吻 The Romance of the Vampires
滿清十大酷刑 A Chinese Torture Chamber Story
青樓十二房 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse
弱殺 Red to Kill
玉蒲團二之玉女心經 Sex and Zen II
南洋第一邪降 Devil's Woman
驚變 All of a Sudden
大內密探之零零性性 Yu Pui Tsuen III
西廂艷譚 Romance of the West Chamber
偷情男女 Don't Tell My Partner
聊齋艷譚之幽媾 Erotic Ghost Story - Perfect Match