The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍城飛將 The General of Dragon City
鼓手 The Drummer
黎夫人 Madam Lai
鴛鴦江遺恨 River of Mandarin Duck
驚變 All of a Sudden
馬路天使 Angel of the Road
馬介甫 My Friend, the Ghost
香港一婦人 A Woman in Hong Kong
香江花月夜 Hong Kong Graffiti
飛越黃昏 Beyond the Sunset
飛虎精英之人間有情 The Best of the Best
飛男飛女 Social Characters
風塵 The Mortal Storm
靚妹仔 Lonely Fifteen
青蓮青年 Teenage Trap
青春節拍 How are You My Friends
霧都情仇 Misty
雷雨 Thunderstorm
阿燦正傳 The Story of a Refugee
阿德晒命 Doug's Choice
開心勿語 Trouble Couples
錯有錯著 Two Wrongs Make a Right
野花香 Scent of Wild Flowers
郎歸晚 My Love Comes Too Late
那有一天不想你 Remember M, Remember E
過埠新娘 Paper Marriage
追日 A Chinese Legend
趙樹芹 Close Combat
誓不兩立 Duel of Death
西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒 A Chinese Odyssey, Part One - Pandora's Box
西遊記大結局之仙履奇緣 A Chinese Odyssey, Part Two - Cinderella
蛋家妹 A Fisherman's Girl
蘭桂坊7公主 97' Lan Kwai Fong
蕭月白 (下集大結局) Crime Doesn't Pay, Part Two
苦吻 Bitter Kisses
花煞 My Beloved
花月危情 The Other Side of Romance
花心蘿蔔 Playboy Doctor
舞台姊妹 Stage Door Johnny
舊夢不須記 Once Upon a Time
致命的誘惑 Fatal Passion
臨時演員 Small Potatoes
聽不到的說話 Silent Love
老娘夠騷 Soul
群龍戲鳳 Pedicab Driver
群鶯亂舞 Profiles of Pleasure
紅外線 On the Red
籠裏雞 The Desperados
碧海恩仇 Love and Hate on the Sea
相見好 Happy Together