The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
少林搭棚大師 Return to the 36th Chamber
連城訣 A Deadly Secret
英雄 Heroes
黃飛鴻與鬼腳七 The Magnificent Kick
魔劍俠情 Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
南北獅王 Lion vs Lion
勇者無懼 Dreadnaught
飛刀又見飛刀 Return of the Deadly Blade
飛屍 Revenge of The Corpse
貓頭鷹 The Legend of the Owl
老鼠街 The Gold-Hunters
龍虎少爺 The Treasure Hunters
書劍恩仇錄 The Emperor and His Brother
武館 Martial Club
黑蜥蜴 The Black Lizard
敗家仔 The Prodigal Son
十八般武藝 Legendary Weapons of China
大旗英雄傳 Clan Feuds
奇門遁甲 The Miracle Fighers
如來神掌 Buddha's Palm
御貓三戲錦毛鼠 Cat vs Rat
小子有種 My Rebellious Son
日劫 Descendant of the Sun
上海灘 The Bund
新蜀山劍俠 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
少林傳人 Shaolin Prince
水晶人 Portrait in Crystal
鹿鼎記 Tales of a Eunuch
虎鷹 A Fist Full of Talons
神通術與小霸王 The Weird Man
封神劫 Usurpers of Emperor's Power
少爺威威 Play Catch
自古英雄出少年 Young Heroes
武林聖火令 Holy Flame of the Martial World
少林與武當 Shaolin and Wu Tang
六指琴魔 Demon of The Lute
天蠶變 Bastard Swordsman
三闖少林 Shaolin Intruders
五郎八卦棍 The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
布衣神相 Return of Bastard Swordsman
唐朝豪放女 An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty
魔殿屠龍 The Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre
君子好逑 The Other Side of Gentleman
愛奴新傳 Lust for Love of A Chinese Courtesan
少林童子功 Consummate Power: Shao-lin Tongzigong
弟子也瘋狂 Crazy Shaolin Disciples
教頭發威 The Master Strikes Back
木棉袈裟 The Holy Robe of Shaolin Temple
霹靂十傑 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
文成公主 The Queen of Tibet