The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
父子情 Father and Son
胡越的故事 The Story of Woo Viet
手指拗出 Kung Fu Executioner
一老一少一根釘 An Old Kung Fu Master
領嘢 Marking
傷人十七 Ordinance 17
屍妖 Corpse Mania
阿燦當差 The Sweet and Sour Cops
處決 Execution
流氓千王 Gambler's Delight
交叉零蛋 To Sir with Troubles
踩線 Murderer Pursues
忌廉溝鮮奶 Cream Soda & Milk
天真有牙 Daughter and Father
老夫子 Older Master Cute
鬼馬智多星 All the Wrong Clues (...for the Right Solution)
龍咁威 Super Fool
童軍樂 One Heart One Spirit
單程路 One Way Only
追女仔 Chasing Girls
兩小無知 Sealed with a Kiss
失業生 Job Hunter
千門八將 Notorious Eight
阿燦有難 Prohibited Area
撞板神探電子龜 Krazy Kops
煲車 The Security
蠱 Bewitched
舞廳 The Club
胆搏胆 Revenge in Hong Kong
兵兵賊賊 The Bomb-shell
綠印 The Mad-cold Blooded Murder
衝鋒車 Mobfix Patrol
凶榜 The Imp
無毒不丈夫 Don't Kill Me, Brother!
危險人物 Dangerous Person
再生人 Life after Life
馬騮過海 Monkey Business
最佳拍檔 Aces Go Places
龍少爺 Dragon Lord
賊王之王 Winner Takes All
霍元甲 Legend of a Fighter
陰忌 Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave
鯊魚燒賣 Food for the Sharks
今古奇觀 Wonders of China
沙煲兄弟 Dirty Angel
檸檬可樂 Teenage Dreamers
獵頭 The Head Hunter
提防小手 Carry On Pickpocket
塞外奪寶 Cut-Throat Struggle for an Invaluable Treasure
摩登天師 To Hell with the Devil