The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍兄虎弟 Armour of God
龍之忍者 Ninja in the Dragon's Den
黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣 Last Hero in China
黃飛鴻之二男兒當自強 Once upon a Time in China II
鹿鼎記 Royal Tramp
香港一婦人 A Woman in Hong Kong
飛鷹計劃 Armour of God II Operation Condor
飛男飛女 Social Characters
飛女正傳 Teddy Girls
霹靂火 Thunderbolt
阿郎的故事 All about Ah-Long
長輩 My Young Auntie
金枝玉葉2 Who's the Woman, Who's the Man
跨鳳乘龍 The Happy Wedding
賭王大騙局 King Gambler
賭俠II之上海灘賭聖 God of Gamblers Part 3 - Back to Shanghai
誘僧 Temptation of a Monk
西施 The Eternal Beauty of Hsi-Shih
藍江傳之反飛組風雲 Arrest the Restless
自梳 Intimates
老夫子 Old Master
紫色風雨夜 Purple Night
紅燈記 The Red Lamp
窗 The Window
穿金寶扇 Gold-braided Fan
碧血金釵 The Azure Blood and the Golden Pin, Part One
碧落紅塵 (下集) Revenge, Part Two
碧落紅塵 (上集) Revenge, Part One
真假兇手 Who's the Real Murderer
監獄風雲II逃犯 Prison on Fire II
監獄風雲 Prison on Fire
男兒當自強 Once Upon A Time in China II
甜蜜蜜 Comrades, Almost a Love Story
甜姐兒 Darling Girl
璇宮艷史 My Kingdom for a Husband
玉郎三戲女將軍 Lau Kum Ding - the Female General
玉女英魂 A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Part One
滿堂吉慶 Happiness Reigns Everwhere
此恨綿綿無絕期 Everlasting Regret
春 Spring
日出 Sunrise
新同居時代 In Between
播音王子 Prince of Broadcasters
急凍奇俠 Iceman Cometh
影迷公主 Movie Fans
彩色青春 Colourful Youth
巴士銀巧破豪門計 The Girl in the Bus
巴士銀妙計除三害 The Witty Bus Girl
工廠少爺 Fun in the Factory
完全結婚手冊 The Wedding Days