The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
越青 The Roar of the Vietnamese
赤裸羔羊 Naked Killer
赤膽情 No Compromise
賭俠大戰拉斯維加斯 The Conmen in Vegas
賓妹 Marianna
豹妹 Her Name is Cat
西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒 A Chinese Odyssey, Part One - Pandora's Box
衝鋒隊怒火街頭 Big Bullet
衛斯理傳奇 The Legend of Wisely
衛斯理之老貓 The Cat
血腥Friday Bloody Friday
血玫瑰 Her Vengeance
血洗洪花亭 An Eye for an Eye
血洗唐人街 New York China Town
血汗金錢 Bloody Money
血中血 Sketch
蝶變 The Butterfly Murders
蜜桃成熟時1997 The Fruit is Swelling
虐之戀 Love to Kill
藝壇照妖鏡之 96 應召名冊 Rebekah
英雄正傳 True Colours
英倫越戰 Phantom War
花煞 My Beloved
花城 The Last Affair
舞廳 The Club
聽不到的說話 Silent Love
聊齋三集之燈草和尚 Erotic Ghost Story III
老鼠街 The Gold-Hunters
老泥妹 Girls in the Hood
緣份 Behind the Yellow Line
紅粉至尊 Queen's High
籠裏雞 The Desperados
算死草 Lawyer Lawyer
第八宗罪 The Eighth
窺情 Maybe It's Love
積奇&瑪莉 Sisters in Law
禁色 Pink Lady
神鞭俠 The Knight of the Whip
神通術與小霸王 The Weird Man
着錯草鞋走錯路 One Way Only
皇家大賊 Danger has Two Faces
百變星君 Sixty Million Dollar Man
白髮魔女傳II The Bride with White Hair II
白髮魔女傳 The Bride with White Hair
瘋血 Crazy Blood
瘋劫 The Secret
生死線 The Island
生死戀 Love & Let Love!
生死决 Duel to the Death
玫瑰的故事 Lost Romance