The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
92應召女郎 Call Girl 92
BB30 BB30
不夜天 Killer's Nocturne
不是冤家不聚頭 The Wrong Couples
不道德的禮物 I'm Your Birthday Cake
中華戰士 Magnificent Warriors
五福星撞鬼 Ghost Punting
今夜星光燦爛 Starry is The Night
伴我同行 One of the Lucky Ones
你情我願 My Will, I Will
佳人有約 The Perfect Match
倫文敘老點柳先開 The Kung Fu Scholar
傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City
初戀無限Touch First Love Unlimited
南北媽打 Mother vs Mother
古惑女之決戰江湖 Sexy and Dangerous
呷醋大丈夫 Goodbye Darling
喋血街頭 Bullet in the Head
夏日情人 Summer Lover
天使行動 Angel
奇門遁甲 The Miracle Fighers
契媽唔易做 To Catch a Thief
小倩 A Chinese Ghost Story
愛情Amoeba Love, Amoeba Style
應召女郎1988之二現代應召女郎 Girls Without Tomorrow 1992
我要活下去 I Want to Go on Living
捉鬼合家歡 Spooky Family
新英雄本色 Return to A Better Tomorrow
春光乍洩 Happy Together
時來運轉 Those Merry Souls
最愛 Passion
李洛夫奇案 The Incorruptible
港督最後一個保鑣 Bodyguards of Last Governor
潘金蓮之前世今生 The Re-incarnation of Golden Lotus
猛鬼佛跳牆 Bless this House
玫瑰的故事 Lost Romance
皇家飯 The Law Enforcer
祝福 Promising Miss Bowie
神探馬如龍 Inspector Pink Dragon
精裝難兄難弟 Those Were the Days
紅燈區 Street Angels
緣份 Behind the Yellow Line
群龍奪寶 Three against the World
老表, 你好嘢! His Fatal Way
肝膽相照 Sworn Brothers
肥貓流浪記 Beloved Son of God
與鴨共舞 Cash on Delivery
舞男情未了 Gigolo and Whore II
衝擊天子門生 Hong Kong Godfather
表姐妳玩嘢 The Queen of Gamble