The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
三十處男 Mr. Virgin
三文治 Double Decker
上天救命 Heaven Can Help
上海之夜 Shanghai Blues
五郎八卦棍 The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
人嚇鬼 Hocus Pocus
伊人再見 Silent Romance
似水流年 Homecoming
停不了的愛 Everlasting Love
傾城之戀 Love in a Fallen City
先生貴姓 And Now, What's Your Name?
全家福 A Family Affair
公僕 Law with Two Phases
初哥 Challenge on Chasing Girls
君子好逑 The Other Side of Gentleman
唐朝豪放女 An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty
城市之光 Family Light Affair
多情種 My Little Sentimental Friend
大小不良 Double Trouble
失婚老豆 Beloved Daddy
女皇密令 Aces Go Places III - Our Man from Bond Street
奸人鬼 A Friend from Inner Space
好彩撞到你 Host for a Ghost
孖襟兄弟 The Company
少女日記 A Certain Romance
少林童子功 Consummate Power: Shao-lin Tongzigong
布衣神相 Return of Bastard Swordsman
快餐車 Wheel on Meals
愛奴新傳 Lust for Love of A Chinese Courtesan
愛情麥芽糖 Love Bittersweet
我愛神仙遮 My Darling Genie
我愛羅蘭度 I Love Lolanto
我為你狂 Pale Passion
最佳拍檔之女皇密令 Aces Go Places III - Our Man from Bond Street
有 Friend 冇驚 Winner Takes All?
癲鳳狂龍 Three Stooges Go Undercover
省港旗兵 Long Arm of the Law
神勇雙響炮 Pom Pom
穿梭陰陽界 The Surgeon
窺情 Maybe It's Love
笑太極 Drunken Tai Ji
第八站 Before Dawn
等待黎明 Hong Kong 1941
緣份 Behind the Yellow Line
聖誕快樂 Merry Christmas
艷鬼發狂 Possessed II
花心蘿蔔 Playboy Doctor
英倫琵琶 Banana Cop
行錯姻緣路 Wrong Wedding Trail
請鬼 Invitation of Ghost