The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
"細佬"識講嘢! Talk to Me, Dicky
92應召女郎 Call Girl 92
92霸王花與霸王花 The Inspector Wear Skirts IV
92黑玫瑰對黑玫瑰 92 the Legendary La Rose Noire
三人做世界 Heart Against Hearts
不文騷 Stooges in Hong Kong
丐世英雄 Hero of the Beggars
中國最後一個太監<第二章>告別紫禁城 The Twilight of the Forbidden City
九二神鵰之痴心情長劍 Saviour of the Soul II
五福星撞鬼 Ghost Punting
亞飛與亞基:錯在黑社會的日子 The Days of Being Dumb
伙頭福星 Shogun & Little Kitchen
伴我縱橫 Rhythm of Destiny
何日金再來 Rich Man
俠女傳奇 Zen of Sword
俠盜高飛 Full Contact
俠聖 The Sting
兩屋一妻 My Americanize Wife
勝者為王 The Mighty Gambler
危險情人 The Shootout
吳三桂與陳圓圓 Never Ending Summer
嘩!英雄 What a Hero!
噴火女郎 She Starts the Fire
四大探長 Powerful Four
夏日情人 Summer Lover
夜夜伴肥嬌 Changing Partner
夢醒時分 Mary from Beijing
大咸濕 Under the Rose
大迷信 The Supernormal
大靈通 One Step Beyond
太太的情人 My Wife's Lover
女校風雲之邪教入侵 Angel-Hunter
女黑俠黃鶯 Deadly Dream Woman
妖獸都市 The Wicked City
家有囍事 All's Well End's Well
富貴黃金屋 It's a Mad Mad Mad World Too
審死官 Justice, My Foot !
廟街十二少 The Prince of Temple Street
情不自禁之II霎時衝動 Basic Impulse
應召女郎1988之二現代應召女郎 Girls Without Tomorrow 1992
我來自北京 The Girls from China
我愛扭紋柴 Now You See Love... Now You Don't
戰神傳說 The Moon Warriors
戰龍在野 Invincible
新龍爭虎鬥 Kickboxer's Tears
新龍門客棧 Dragon Inn
旺角馬場 Sex for Sale
明月照尖東 With or Without You
棋王 King of Chess
機BOY小子之真假威龍 Game Kids