The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一千零一夜之夢中人 Dream Lover
不一樣的媽媽 Mother of a Different Kind
不道德的禮物 I'm Your Birthday Cake
中俄列車大劫案 The Train Robbers
二月三十 The Day that Doesn't Exist
人間有情 The Umbrella Story
仙樂飄飄 Whatever Will Be, Will Be
信有明天 Hope
偶遇 A Sudden Love
元洲街王后 Candle Light's Woman
公僕II City Cop
冒牌皇帝 Fake Emperor
刀 The Blade
十兄弟 Ten Brothers
南京的基督 The Christ of Nanjing
叛逆情緣 Faithfully Yours
呆佬拜壽 Only Fools Fall in Love
告別有情天 Farewell my Dearest
和平飯店 Peace Hotel
四個自殺的少女 Suicide
四級殺人狂 Passion Unbounded
回魂夜 Out of the Dark
墮落天使 Fallen Angels
壞孩子俱樂部 Lost Boys in Wonderland
夜半1點鐘 01:00 A.M.
夜半歌聲 The Phantom Lover
大冒險家 The Adventurers
大話英雄 Lying Hero
天空小說 Out of the Blue
女人四十 Summer Snow
妖街皇后 Bugis Street
孽戀 Infatuation
富貴人間 The World of Treasure
小飛俠 Teenage Master
尖東雙虎 From the Same Family
山水有相逢 The Golden Girls
廟街故事 Mean Street Story
影子敵人 Enemy Shadow
怒海威龍 Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop
慈禧秘密生活 Lover of the Last Empress
慈雲山十三太保 Those Were the Days...
我要活下去 I Want to Go on Living
戴綠帽的女人 Green Hat
搶閘媽咪 The Meaning of Life
救世神棍 Heaven Can't Wait
整蠱王 Tricky Business
新房客 New Tenant
旺角的天空 Man Wanted
月黑風高 The Case of the Cold Fish
橫紋刀劈扭紋柴 Just Married