The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
世道人心 Love and Morality
神鞭俠 The Knight of the Whip
蝴蝶夫人 Madame Butterfly
百戰神弓 The Brave Archer
媽姐淚 The Maidservant's Sad Tale
嬌嬌女 Precious Daughter
關公月下釋貂蟬 Kwan-Ti, God of War
血染相思谷 Blood Stains the Valley of Love
璇宮艷史 My Kingdom for a Husband
搜書院 The Lost Kite
甜姐兒 Darling Girl
寶鼎明珠 Bo Ding and Pearl
紫薇園的秋天 Autumn Comes to Crape Myrtle Garden
山東紮腳穆桂英 The Story of Muk Kwai-ying, Part One
山東紮腳穆桂英 (下集) The Story of Muk Kwai-ying, Part Two
枇杷巷口故人來 A Respectable Tutor
帝女花 Princess Cheung Ping
彩蝶雙飛 Butterfly Beauty
人海孤鴻 The Orphan
倩女幽魂 The Enchanting Shadow
佳偶天成 An Ideal Couple
金鳳斬蛟龍 Seve Phoenixes
三宮六苑斬狐妃 In the Palace
小狀元 Wonder Boy
蘇小小 So Siu Siu
狂人塔 (下集大結局) The Maniac Pagoda, Part Two
七十二家房客 Those 72 Tenants
男男女女 Men and Women
瘋婦 The Mad Woman
武林聖火令 (上集) Moslem Sacred Fire Decree, Part One
武林聖火令大結局 Moslem Sacred Fire Decree, Concluding Episode
西施 The Eternal Beauty of Hsi-Shih
999離奇三兇手 Dial 999 for the Three Murderers
一水隔天涯 Beyond the Horizon
七彩胡不歸 Eternal Love
真假兇手 Who's the Real Murderer
彩色青春 Colourful Youth
鐵面無私包公審烏盆 The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge Pao
教子殺父皇 Teaching The Son to Slay the Emperor
貓眼女郎 Cat-Eyed Beauty
莫負青春 Don't Wait Till It's Too Late
天劍絕刀 Paragon of Sword and Knife, Part One
李後主 The Tragedy of a Poet King
紅燈記 The Red Lamp
五月的紅唇 Red Lips in May
再世紅梅記 Love in the Red Chamber
玉樓三鳳 Three Young Girls
紫色風雨夜 Purple Night
給我一個吻 Won't You Give Me a Kiss ?
春光無限好 What a Good Time