The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
百分百啱FEEL Feel 100%......Once More
食神 The God of Cookery
賭神3之少年賭神 God of Gambler's 3 - The Early Stage
金田一手稿之奇異檔案 Mystery Files
怪談協會 Till Death Do Us Laugh
色情男女 Viva Erotica
藝壇照妖鏡之 96 應召名冊 Rebekah
懵仔多情 Stooge, My Love
黑俠 Black Mask
少年15/16時 They Don't Care about Us
甜蜜蜜 Comrades, Almost a Love Story
4面夏娃 4 Faces of Eve
四面夏娃 4 Faces of Eve
港督最後一個保鑣 Bodyguards of Last Governor
天涯海角 Lost and Found
攝氏32度 Beyond Hypothermia
孟波 Mr. Mumble
阿金 Ah Kam
悍匪 King of Robbery
飛虎雄心2之傲氣比天高 Best of the Best
1/2次同床 Thanks for Your Love
東方快車 Midnight Express in Orient
血腥Friday Bloody Friday
飛虎 First Option
人細鬼大之3個Handsup的少年 Growing Up
旺角風雲 Mongkok Story
去吧!揸Fit人兵團 Once upon a Time in Triad Society 2
假男假女 Boys ?
旺角的天空2之男燒衣 Those were the Days
龍虎砵蘭街 Street of Fury
金榜題名 To Be No. 1
金枝玉葉2 Who's the Woman, Who's the Man
大內密探之零零性性 Yu Pui Tsuen III
洪興仔之江湖大風暴 War of the Under World
黃金島歷險記 Adventurous Treasure Island
衝鋒隊怒火街頭 Big Bullet
百分百感覺 Feel 100%
玩火 On Fire
新上海灘 Shanghai Grand
運財五福星 How to Meet the Lucky Stars
古惑仔3之隻手遮天 Young and Dangerous 3
人間色相 Love and Sex Among the Ruins
孽慾追擊檔案之邪殺 The Imp
伊波拉病毒 Ebola Syndrome
驚變 All of a Sudden
3個受傷的警察 The Log
四個32A和一個香蕉少年 Those Were the Days
紅燈區 Street Angels
南洋第一邪降 Devil's Woman
鬼劇院之驚青艷女郎 Hong Kong Showgirls