The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
洗黑錢 Tiger Cage II
五郎八卦棍 The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
黃飛鴻勇破烈火陣 Wong Fei-Hung: Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation
成家立室 Establishment of Household
差利捉貓記 Charlie Catches the Cat
得咗 Sun Ma Tsai Scores
玉女添丁 The Pregnant Maiden
情人不要忘記我 Always in Your Heart
樊梨花 The Story of Heroine Fan Lei-fa
冬戀 Winter Love
怪俠三氣胭脂虎 The Mysterious Saint
情竇初開 Bitter Romance
英雄本色 The Story of a Discharged Prisoner
紅花俠盜 To Rose with Love
飛哥跌落坑渠 Teddy Boy in the Gutter
空中女殺手 The Perilous Rescue
人海奇花 The Strange Girl
玉女神偷 The Precious Mirror
我愛阿哥哥 I Love A-Go-Go
住家男人 Family Man
玉郎三戲女將軍 Lau Kum Ding - the Female General
荳蔻干戈下集大結局 The Nutmeg, Part Two
荳蔻干戈 The Nutmeg, Part One
姑娘十八一朵花 Girls Are Flowers
雙鳳旗 (下集) Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Concluding Episode
劫火紅蓮 Aftermath of a Fire, Part One
雙鳳旗 (上集) Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Part One
我愛紫羅蘭 The Violet Girl
女殺手 Lady Bond
夜半的鬼影 Ghost Chasers
賊美人 The Thievish Beauty
影迷公主 Movie Fans
碧落紅塵大結局 Revenge, Concluding Episode
女黑俠木蘭花 The Black Musketeer 'F'
碧落紅塵 (下集) Revenge, Part Two
碧落紅塵 (上集) Revenge, Part One
巴士銀妙計除三害 The Witty Bus Girl
播音王子 Prince of Broadcasters
無字天書 Book without Letters
玉女英魂 A Brave Young Girl's Spirit, Part One
巴士銀巧破豪門計 The Girl in the Bus
真假情人 The Real and Phony Lovers
老夫子 Old Master
公子多情 My Darling Wife
六指琴魔 The Ghost with Six Fingers, Part One
黑玫瑰 Black Rose
傻大姐當兵 A Girl In Army
滿堂吉慶 Happiness Reigns Everwhere
女俠脫脫兒大結局 Tur Tur's Adventure, Concluding Episode
學生王子 The Student Prince