The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
胭脂 Rouge
夜半槍聲 Gunshot at Midnight
夕陽 The Setting Sun
泣荊花 Mourning of the Chaste Tree Flower
毒玫瑰 The Deadly Rose
哥哥我負你 Unworthy of Love
鄉下佬遊埠 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City
生活 Life
回首當年 Remembering the Past
鄉下佬遊埠續集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Two
鄉下佬遊埠第三集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Three
梁山伯祝英台前集 The Butterfly Lovers, Part One
半開玫瑰 A Blooming Rose
夜弔白芙蓉 Norturnal Mouring
生命線 Lifeline
大傻出城 The Fool Goes to the City
密室怪人 Monster of the Secret Chamber
愛國花 A Patriotic Woman
六十六號屋 House Number Sixty-Six
蛋家妹 A Fisherman's Girl
黎夫人 Madam Lai
午夜殭屍 Midnight Vampire
博愛 Compassion
抵抗 Resist!
鄉下佬尋仔 The Country Bumpkin Searches for His Son
鄉下佬探親家 The Country Bumpkin Visits His In-laws
人生曲 Song of Life
鴻運當頭 A Stroke of Luck
神秘之夜 A Mysterious Night
荒村怪影 Shadow of the Ruins
夜明珠 The Glowing Pearl
續白金龍 The White Gold Dragon, part two
邊防血淚 Blood and Tears at the Border
趙樹芹 Close Combat
回祖國去 Back to the Motherland!
焦土抗戰 Scorched Land
龍城飛將 The General of Dragon City
孤兒行 The Lonely Son
最後關頭 At This Crucial Juncture
血濺寶山城 The Blood-Stained Baoshan Fortress
民族之光 The Light of People
莊子試妻 Chuang Tzu Tests His Wife
血淚情花 Rivals in Love
黑夜煞星 The Midnight Killer
差利遇攝青鬼 Charlie Meets the Spectres
賊王子 The Vagabond Prince
蝴蝶夫人 Madam Butterfly
人海淚痕 Poor Souls
今宵重見月團圓 Tonight the Moon is Full
小老虎 The Little Tiger