The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
碧血金釵 The Azure Blood and the Golden Pin, Part One
神秘之夜 A Mysterious Night
秋 Autumn
秘密情人 Secret Love
空中女殺手 The Perilous Rescue
穿金寶扇 Gold-braided Fan
第七號司機 Driver No. 7
粉碎黃金夢 Broken Illusions of Gold
紅花俠盜 To Rose with Love
紙醉金迷 This Glamorous Life
紫釵記 The Legend of Purple Hairpin
細路祥 The Kid
經紀拉與飛天南 Broker Lai and the Smart Fei-tin Nam
續白金龍 The White Gold Dragon, part two
羊城恨史 Step-mother
老夫子 Old Master
肉山藏妲己 Tan Kei in the Meat Hill
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
胭脂 Rouge
自梳女 The Bachelor Girl
艷屍記 The Beauty's Death
艷屍還魂記 A Beautiful Corpse Comes to Life
芬芳香艷喜迎春 A Perfect Marriage
花王之女 The Gardener's Daughter
芸娘 Madam Wan
苦海孤雛 The Orphans
苦海明燈 A Son is Born
英雄本色 The Story of a Discharged Prisoner
英雄難過美人關 The Hero Becomes a Prisoner of Love
荊軻刺秦皇 King Oh Assassinates the King of Qin
荒唐鏡五鬥陳夢吉 The Feuds between Fong Tong-geng and Chan Mung-kat
荒村怪影 Shadow of the Ruins
荳蔻干戈 The Nutmeg, Part One
荳蔻干戈下集大結局 The Nutmeg, Part Two
莊子試妻 Chuang Tzu Tests His Wife
萬里長城 The Great Wall
蕭月白 (上集) Crime Doesn't Pay, Part One
蕭月白 (下集大結局) Crime Doesn't Pay, Part Two
蘇乞兒復仇記 Revenge of Beggar So
蛋家妹 A Fisherman's Girl
蝴蝶夫人 Madam Butterfly
蝶影紅梨記 Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom
蠶虫師爺 Wise Guy
血淚人生 A Tearful Life
血淚情花 Rivals in Love
血濺寶山城 The Blood-Stained Baoshan Fortress
表錯情 Laughable Mistakes
西河會妻 Rescue of the West River
警察捉小偷 Larceny
豪門夜宴 Feast of a Rich Family