The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
倚天屠龍記 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
何方神聖 The Crazy Chase
同線車 The Turning Point
停不了的愛 Everlasting Love
龍在江湖 Legacy of Rage
標錯參 To Err is Humane
英雄本色II A Better Tomorrow II
霸王女福星 Operation Pink Squad
阿郎的故事 All about Ah-Long
殺手蝴蝶夢 My Heart is That Eternal Rose
龍鳳茶樓 Lung Fung Restaurant
天若有情 A Moment of Romance
義膽雄心 Gangland Odyssey
江湖最後一個大佬 Triad Story
越軌行動 That's Money
賭俠 God of Gamblers II
整蠱專家 Tricky Brains
新精武門一九九一 Fist of Fury 1991
跛豪 To Be Number One
贏錢專家 Money Maker
契媽唔易做 To Catch a Thief
逃學威龍 Fight Back to School
賭俠II之上海灘賭聖 God of Gamblers Part 3 - Back to Shanghai
五億探長雷洛傳II之父子情仇 Lee Rock II
夜生活女王霞姐傳奇 Queen of the Underworld
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
表哥我來也! Mainland Dundee
與龍共舞 Dance with the Dragon
逃學英雄傳 Truant Heroes
逃學威龍2 Fight back to School II
明月照尖東 With or Without You
機BOY小子之真假威龍 Game Kids
黃飛鴻笑傳 Once upon a Time a Hero in China
廟街十二少 The Prince of Temple Street
逃學外傳 To Miss with Love
絕代雙驕 Handsome Siblings
真的愛妳 True Love
女校風雲之邪教入侵 Angel-Hunter
武狀元蘇乞兒 King of Beggars
花田囍事 All's Well End's Well Too
一本漫畫闖天涯II之妙想天開 My Hero II
神經刀與飛天貓 Flying Dagger
武俠七公主 Holy Weapon
情天霹靂之下集大結局 Even Mountains Meet
一代梟雄之三支旗 Man of the Times
芝士火腿 Chez N' Ham
的士判官 Taxi Hunter
蘇乞兒 Heroes Among Heroes
笑八仙 The Eight Hilarious Gods
新碧血劍 The Sword Stained with Royal Blood