The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
七年之癢 Seven Years Itch
何必有我? Why Me?
兩公婆八條心 Strange Bedfellow
公子多情 The Greatest Lover
再見王老五 The Bachelor's Swan Song
四個32A和一個香蕉少年 Those Were the Days
夜驚魂 He Lives by Night
失婚老豆 Beloved Daddy
好女十八嫁 18 Times
完全結婚手冊 The Wedding Days
富貴兵團 The Fortune Code
富貴再三逼人 It's a Mad Mad World III
富貴再逼人 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World II
富貴列車 The Millionaires' Express
富貴逼人 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
小生夢驚魂 Scared Stiff
彩雲曲 Once Upon a Rainbow
時來運轉 Those Merry Souls
最佳拍檔大顯神通 Aces Go Places II
最佳福星 Lucky Stars Go Places
最後一戰 The Final Test
求愛敢死隊 How to Pick Girls Up
潘金蓮之前世今生 The Re-incarnation of Golden Lotus
無招勝有招 Crazy Couple
皇家師姐III之雌雄大盜 In the Line of Duty III
皇家師姐之海狼 Sea Wolves
神行太保 News Attack
神龍賭聖之旗開得勝 Always Be the Winners
福星臨門 Lucky Guys
福星闖江湖 Return of The Lucky Stars
福星高照 My Lucky Stars
笑星撞地球 Sunshine Friends
精裝追女仔 The Romancing Star
精裝追女仔之2 The Romancing Star II
繼續跳舞 Carry on Dancing
群龍戲鳳 Pedicab Driver
芝士火腿 Chez N' Ham
花仔多情 Affectionately Yours
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
賊賍 The Loot
追女仔 Chasing Girls
運財五福星 How to Meet the Lucky Stars
金枝玉葉 He's a Woman, She's a Man
金枝玉葉2 Who's the Woman, Who's the Man
金燕子 Golden Swallow
金裝大酒店 Carry on Hotel
開心三響炮 Funny Triple
開心勿語 Trouble Couples
驚天12小時 The Last Blood
驚魂今晚夜 Into The Night