The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一劍震江湖 The Conquering Sword
一后三王 One Queen and Three Kings
七擒七縱七色狼 Lucky Seven
上海之夜 Shanghai Blues
五月的紅唇 Red Lips in May
人結人緣 It's Fun Getting Together
倚天屠龍記 (上集) Story of the Sword and the Sabre, Part One
光緒皇嘆五更 Emperor Kwong Sui's Nocturnal Lament
兩個大老襯 Two Lucky Fools
天下第一劍 (上集) Sword of Vengeance, Part One
天地玄門 An Eternal Combat
天才與白痴 The Last Message
女人的秘密 Woman's Affairs
女攝青鬼乞米養孤兒 (上集) A Female Ghost Goes Begging to Raise her Orphan Boy, Part One
女攝青鬼乞米養孤兒 (下集大結局) A Female Ghost Goes Begging to Raise her Orphan Boy, Part Two
她的爸的媽媽的 Love Cross-Road
如來神掌 Buddha's Palm
如來神掌上集 The Young Swordsman Lung Kim-Fei, Part One
小生怕怕 Till Death Do We Scare
差利捉貓記 Charlie Catches the Cat
得咗 Sun Ma Tsai Scores
成家立室 Establishment of Household
我愛夜來香 All the Wrong Spies
救命宣言 Doctor's Heart
星際鈍胎 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
春滿帝王家 The Royal Wedding in the Palace
最佳拍檔大顯神通 Aces Go Places II
歌舞昇平 The Musical Singer
歡樂神仙窩 Beware of Pickpockets
殺之戀 Fatal Love
漫畫奇俠 A Tale from the East
烏龍大家庭 The Family Strikes Back
白猿女三盜寶蓮燈 How the Ape Girl Stole the Lotus Lamp
神探一號 Secret Agent No. 1
神探父子兵 In the Blood
秘密情人 Secret Love
空心大少爺 Just for Fun
笑星撞地球 Sunshine Friends
籠民 Cageman
籠裏雞 The Desperados
老夫子 Old Master
肥瘦姻緣 Fatso Marries Skinny
英雄本色 The Story of a Discharged Prisoner
表哥到 My Cousin, the Ghost
表哥我來也! Mainland Dundee
表姐, 你好嘢! Her Fatal Ways
表姐, 妳好嘢!續集 Her Fatal Ways II
識英雄重英雄 Two on the Road
財子‧名花‧星媽 Starlets for Sale
邪完再邪 Hex After Hex