The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
鼓手 The Drummer
黃飛鴻對黃飛鴻 Master Wong vs. Master Wong
馬後砲 Comedy
雙龍會 Twin Dragons
阿燦正傳 The Story of a Refugee
鐵甲無敵瑪利亞 I Love Maria
豬仔出更 Cadets on the Beat
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
處決 Execution
第一類型危險 Dangerous Encounter - 1st Kind
穿梭陰陽界 The Surgeon
神經刀與飛天貓 Flying Dagger
神探乾濕褸 Shadow Cop
祝福 Promising Miss Bowie
皇家師姐之中間人 Middle Man
發窮惡 The Wickedness in Poverty
男兒當入樽 Let's Go Slam Dunk
玩命雙雄 Goodbye Hero
漫畫奇俠 A Tale from the East
涼茶.馬尾.飛機頭 Young Dreams
海上花 Immortal Story
林亞珍老虎魚蝦蟹 Lam Ah Chun Blunders Again
有 Friend 冇驚 Winner Takes All?
新不了情 C'est la Vie, Mon Cheri
拍拖更 Carry on Police
意亂情迷 Double Fixation
怕醜仔 The Shy Boys
富貴開心鬼 Lost Souls
天堂夢 The Way to Hell
天台的月光 A Roof with a View
大煞星與小妹頭 Follow the Star
大丈夫日記 The Diary of A Big Man
夢過界 The Dream is Yours
地獄無門 We're Going to Eat You
喂!搵邊位?! Hello! Who is It?!
同居關係 Cohabitation
南北媽打 Mother vs Mother
兵來賊擋 One Step Ahead
伴我同行 One of the Lucky Ones
今夜星光燦爛 Starry is The Night
交叉零蛋 To Sir with Troubles
亡命天涯 Bitter Taste of Blood
七年之癢 Seven Years Itch