The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
小鬼靈精 The Young Illusionist
鬼咁過癮 The Ghosts and I
鬼域 Avengers from Hell
開心鬼 The Happy Ghost
鬼線人 The Ghost Informer
好彩撞到你 Host for a Ghost
靈氣迫人 The Occupant
補鑊英雄 Welcome
開心鬼放暑假 Happy Ghost II
開心鬼撞鬼 Happy Ghost III
俾鬼捉 The Ghost Snatchers
養鬼仔 Crazy Spirit
猛鬼差館 The Haunted Cop Shop
金燕子 Golden Swallow
吉屋藏嬌 Guests in the house
猛鬼學堂 Haunted Cop Shop II
夢過界 The Dream is Yours
鬼媾人 Ghost Fever
猛鬼撞鬼 Funny Ghost
嘩鬼有限公司 Ghost Busting
鬼咬鬼 Encounter of the Spooky Kind 2
嘩鬼住正隔籬 My Neighbours are Phantoms!
猛鬼系列之一眉道姑 Vampire Settle on Police Camp
開心鬼救開心鬼 Happy Ghost IV
聊齋花弄月 Liu Jai Home for the Intimate Ghosts
着牛仔褲的鍾馗 The Blue Jean Monster
猛鬼入侵黑社會 My Flying Wife
愛的精靈 Spirit of Love
新俏郎君 Switch-over
二月三十 The Day that Doesn't Exist
陰陽路 Troublesome Night
陰陽路二之我在你左右 Troublesome Night 2
旺角大家姐之冤魂不散 Ghost Story 'Godmother of MongKok'
夜半3點鐘 03:00AM
陰陽路之升棺發財 Troublesome Night 3