The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
慘痛的戰爭 Rising Sun
風塵 The Mortal Storm
衝破 Struggle to Survive
何方神聖 The Crazy Chase
摩登雜差 The Sweet and Sour Cops (Part 2)
2.5 cm The Young Heroes of the Street
薄荷咖啡 Eclipse
日劫 Descendant of the Sun
血汗金錢 Bloody Money
虎鷹 A Fist Full of Talons
神通術與小霸王 The Weird Man
魔殿屠龍 The Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre
愛情麥芽糖 Love Bittersweet
爵士駕到 Temptation of Dance
青春節拍 How are You My Friends
鬼馬朱唇 Merry Go Round
壞女孩 Why, Why, Tell Me Why!
一樓一故事 Reunion
再見英雄 Goodbye - My Friend
又見冤家 Love Me and My Dad
警察也移民 The Immigrant Policeman
猛虎發火 Fury of a Tiger
但願人長久 Life Goes On
情義我心知 Nobody's Hero
舞牛 Dancing Bull
偷情小丈夫 Weakness of Man
火爆浪子 Angry Ranger
忠奸盜 The Good, the Bad and the Bandit
新龍爭虎鬥 Kickboxer's Tears
浮世戀曲 To Liv (e)
艷鬼追魂 A Sex Ghost Story
禁房艷奇 Sex & Curse
秋月 Autumn Moon
馬路天使 Angel of the Road
慾焰狂情 Flame of Desire
人生得意衰盡歡 Pink Bomb
黃飛鴻之男兒當報國 Fist from Shaolin
日落卡門 The Street Car Named Desire
臨時演員 Small Potatoes
妒火焚情 Obsession
大路 The Trail
聖女的慾望 Little Women
新俏郎君 Switch-over
地下裁決 Underground Judgement
7金剛 Wonder Seven
鬼戰 The Devil's Box
股瘋 Shanghai Fever
阿德晒命 Doug's Choice
神探POWER之問米追兇 Oh! Yes Sir!!