The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
白粉雙雄 The Rascal Billionaire
家法 Law Don
瘋劫 The Secret
點指兵兵 Cops and Robbers
撞到正 The Spooky Bunch
兵來賊擋 One Step Ahead
風塵 The Mortal Storm
鬼域 Avengers from Hell
不准掉頭 No U-Turn
阿燦當差 The Sweet and Sour Cops
撞板神探電子龜 Krazy Kops
兵兵賊賊 The Bomb-shell
獵頭 The Head Hunter
彩雲曲 Once Upon a Rainbow
賊性 Outlaw Genes
摩登雜差 The Sweet and Sour Cops (Part 2)
花劫 Expensive Tastes
2.5 cm The Young Heroes of the Street
Friend過打Band Funny Boys
越南仔 The Man from Viet Nam
佳人有約 The Perfect Match
血中血 Sketch
小生作反 Give me Back
車魂 The Accident
田雞過河 Salt and Pepper
摩登衙門 Oh! My Cops!
上天救命 Heaven Can Help
行錯姻緣路 Wrong Wedding Trail
好彩撞到你 Host for a Ghost
花心蘿蔔 Playboy Doctor
癲鳳狂龍 Three Stooges Go Undercover
艷鬼發狂 Possessed II
青春差館 Young Cops
尖東梟雄 Hong Kong Godfather
我的愛神 My Heavenly Lover
表哥到 My Cousin, the Ghost
一屋兩妻 Happy Bigamist
開心快活人 Happy Go Lucky
鐵甲無敵瑪利亞 I Love Maria
一妻兩夫 One Husband Too Many
大話神探 Fumbling Cops
好女十八嫁 18 Times
亡命天涯 Bitter Taste of Blood
小偷阿星 Sleazy Dizzy